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Herbster History

Herbster Community Church

            Artwork by Jeff Hagen HERBSTER COMMUNITY CHURCH   The first Protestant residents of Clover Township either met in homes for religious gatherings or had to travel to the nearby communities for church services, baptisms and Sunday School. It wasn’t until 1949 that the Town of Clover leased the town…

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St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

ST. FRANCIS XAVIER CATHOLIC CHURCH 1920-1992 St. Francis Xavier was a very appropriate Saint to select for the patron and guardian of the new church built in Herbster, Wisconsin in the early twenties. St. Francis was one of the Catholic Church’s most outstanding missionaries, having left his native land “to go and preach the gospel…

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The Hill Family of Herbster, Wisconsin

Hill Family

Hill Family History As provided by Iva Morelli (daughter of Elma Hill & Virgil Glass), per interview on 26 August 2014 Henry Hill was originally named Heikki Huhtamaki (Huhtamaki means “steep hill” in Finnish), and was born in Finland. He changed his name to Henry Hill, the English translation of his name, when he arrived…

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Leppala Family

Leppala Tribute Susanna Ramstrom was born May 24, 1880 to Liisa. (Kangas Keisala) and Juha Edvard Ramstrom, a tailor, in the Tornava section of Seinajoki, Finland. Juha Ramstrom was born in Vaasa and moved to Seinajoki in 1843. He considered himself a Swede and encouraged their eight children to learn the language but Susanna would…

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