Herbster Transfer Station

Serving the Town of Clover 

Winter Hours

9:00 am—1:00 pm Saturdays

Summer Hours

9:00 am—1:00 pm Saturdays

  5:00 pm—7:00 pm Wednesdays



$4.00 per bag

To assist the attendant, if at all possible,

please have exact change or write a check to the Town of Clover for the exact amount.


Recycling Guidelines

Paper, Cardboard and Cartons


Break down all large items to maximize space


  • Envelopes and Junk Mail
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Office Paper Products
  • Phone Books
  • Flattened Cardboard
  • Milk and Juice Cartons
  • Cereal and Food/Beverage  Boxes
  • Hardcover Books (covers removed)
  • Wrapping Paper (no foil or ribbon)
  • Empty Paper Towel/Toilet Paper Rolls

Plastic Containers


Rinse clean, remove and discard plastic lids and caps


No plastic bags/film, styrofoam or syringes


  • All plastic bottles and containers marked #1—#7 (plastic food and beverage containers, milk/water/juice bottles, detergent/shampoo bottles, yogurt cups)



Rinse clean, remove and discard plastic lids and caps


No windows, mirrors, ceramics or light bulbs


  • Brown, green, blue and clear glass bottles and jars



The Herbster Transfer Station also collects:

  • Amber medicine bottles for the local Lions Club
  • Aluminum (please smash them) cans for the Herbster Community Club Playground Fund
  • Household batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, Hearing Aid)



Rinse clean


Please separate your metal recycle as we have a separate bin


No E-waste, TV's or Computer Items

(Best Buy in Duluth will take your computer items and E-waste, but not TV’s)


  • Aluminum and Steel Cans
  • Aluminum Pie Tins
  • Empty Aerosol Cans
  • Clean Aluminum Foil
  • Small Metal Appliances
  • Small Plumbing Fixtures and Pipes, Miscellaneous Scrap (limit 2 feet x 2 feet; 35 lbs.)
  • Metal Pots, Pans and Utensils


  • Chicago Iron in Ashland accepts multiple items, particularly metal, i.e. copper, aluminum, steel, etc.
  • Poplar Hardware in Poplar, Campbell Lumber in Superior, and Home Depot in Duluth accept fluorescent bulbs and thermostats.
  • Best Buy in Duluth accepts fluorescent bulbs, electronics and electrical items, ink cartridges, etc.
  • Police Departments in Ashland and Superior accept unused and expired medications, pharmaceuticals.
  • WalMart has plastic bag recycling bins located at each entrance.
  • Cornucopia Transfer Station takes large quantities of cardboard.



Wisconsin Adm. Codes NR 502.06requires licensed waste haulers to notify clients yearly that State and Local laws require everyone in Wisconsin to recycle newspaper, magazines, cardboard, food and beverage containers, tires, yard waste, appliances, motor oil, lead acid batteries and office paper.


Contact Us

Town of Clover

P.O. Box 94

86870 Lenawee Road

Herbster, WI 54844



FAX: 715-774-3792