TOC Plan Commission Meeting, March 7, 2023

Anderson Class A Downs Class A (1) Tillotson Class A




Call to Order:

Roll Call:

Audience Attendance:

Approval of Minutes:




Report on activities of the 2023-2043 Comprehensive Plan Committee by Erik Felt.


New Business:


  • Class A Special Use Permit for grading more than 200 square feet within 1,000 feet of Lake Superior for shoreline protection (riprap) at 89715 Bark Point Rd in R-RB by John and Amy Tillotson, Rocky Tribovich, authorized agent.
  • Class A Special Use Permit for one short-term rental in R-RB at 89340 Bark Point Rd by Jeremy and Sara Downs.
  • Class A Special Use Permit to place one shipping container in R-RB at 16855 Hwy 13 by Matthew A. Anderson.


Future Business: