TOC Sanitary District Minutes, May 10, 2023

Town of Clover Sanitary District #1 – Meeting Minutes

Wednesday May 10, 2023, at 8:00 pm in the Meeting Room of the Town of Clover Town Hall (The Gym). 


Called to Order at 8:27 pm

Roll Call:  Steele, Smith, Rebak, Pope, Morelli, Felt Absent Gillespey Also present Mark Filonowich, Peter Berton, Elizabeth Stevens.

Approval of Minutes of:

  • April

Treasurer’s Report: April

 Expenditures: Motion to approve batch S-0510.  Motion to approve made by Pope/sSmith Carried Unanimous


  • Operations: Cell#2=Partially Emptied; Cell #1=Dumped into Cell #2 down to influent pipe level
  • Raw Lab Reports: for March within normal limits. Pond Samples were taken in April. April reports not received yet
  • Metered Gallons: March=212,000
  • Snow Fall in inches: March=39
  • Dump Station Reports:
    • Birch Street:
      • April
    • #2 Septic Pumping & Excavating:
      • April


  • Ordinance: Review with Discussion and Perhaps Action of Appendix (see packets—Sections I-VII should still be in the packets for reference)
  • Ordinance Amendments:
    • Discussion/Likely Action related Ordinance #20230510-1, Amendment to Ordinance #20150408, Sewer Use, related to hooking to the Main (see packets)
    • Motion: by Smith/sFelt to adopt amendment to ordinance 20230510-1 option 1 Carried unanimous.

Any Future Agenda Items

               Appendix A


               Motion to adjourn 8:51 pm


Minutes prepared by the Commission Secretary.

  • Minutes are unofficial until approved by the Commission.