TOC Board Meeting Minutes, June 14, 2023

      Town of Clover – Minutes

Regular Board Meeting

June 14, 2023 7:00 pm



Called to order at 7:00 PM

Roll Call: Present:  Steele, Smith, Rebak, Pope, Felt,  Gillespey, Absent Morelli,   Also present Mark Filonowich,Peter Berton Elizabeth Stevens, Roger Pikus, Mershawn Pikus Patti Joswick, Bill Bailey, Sandra Stark, Cecil Kavajecz, Janet Newberg, David Newberg, Sandra Bodner.


NOTE:  The Regular Town of Clover Meeting will be adjourned at or about 8:00 pm.  The Chair may reorder the agenda to accommodate the time limit.

Motion: by Felt/sPope to move Micro grid to top of agenda, Carried.

Public Comment: 3 minute limit. STR concerns as to quite time limits.


Acceptance of Minutes: (see packets)

  • May 10
  • May 31

Treasurer’s Report for:

  • May

Expenditures: Motion by Pope/sRebak to approve Batch T-0614 Carried Unanimous.


  • South Shore Ambulance Auxiliary, June 13th, 2023 @ 7:00pm, Seeking more members Read Letter.
  • Special Board Meeting, Tuesday, June 27, 9:00am to 12:00 Noon—TOC Board Road Review
  • Transfer Station: Summer Hours, started May 3 are Saturdays, 9:00am to 1:00pm & Wednesdays, 5:00pm to 7:00pm.
  • Residential Hazardous, Prescription & Electronic Waste Collection, September 23rd, 2023, Great Lakes Visitors Center


  • Cemetery Kiosk: The Kiosk contains Cemetery Information by name and status of all Plots along with Blocks, Lots and Owners.  There is a map of Blocks for the Eastern portion.  This information will be updated annually prior to Memorial Day.
  • Gym Users: PLEASE change into gym shoes prior to using the gym.  PLEASE put the equipment away after use.  There have been some mornings when the Town Officials have come in and found balls lying around on the floor or stage, and the pickle ball net has not been returned to its carrier.  There is no employee available to pick up after your use.  There is no fee for use of the gym.  You are responsible for picking up after your use.

Reports: (Please see Reports below this agenda for anything further regarding the Reports).

  • Town Planning Commission: Koenning—June meeting canceled due to lack of agenda items. Status of TPC’43–Felt
  • Fire Department: Felt no report
  • Ambulance: Felt 8 calls
  • Campground: Smith Jack thanked all the volunteers for their efforts at the campground.
  • Play Ground: Rebak area marked, need prep work done and ship can be built.
  • Roads: Steele
  • Boat Parking: Pope Launch committee met 6/12 recommend no transient merchant at boat launch.
  • Transfer Station: Steele back up attendant needed
  • Cemetery: Rebak kiosk map is up
  • Gym: Steele
  • Bark Bay Slough: Pope
  • Government: Steele



  • Government:
    • Discussion/Possible Action related to Online Meeting Capability—Felt
    • Discussion/Likely Action related to recommendation for the Friends of the Boat Landing Standing Committee related to use of Boat Landing for other than sport fishing or pleasure boating–Pope Launch committee met 6/12 recommend no transient merchant at boat launch.
    • Motion: by Pope/sFelt to not allow transient merchants to use boat launch. Carried Unanimous.
    • Discussion/Likely Action related to Transient Merchant Permits–Steele
      • Paddle Ride Adventure
      • Motion:by Pope/sFelt to approve TMP for Paddle ride. Carried unanimous
      • Wilderness Inquiry
      • Motion: by Pope/sFelt to approve TMP for Wilderness Inquiry. Carried unanimous.
    • Discussion/Likely Action related to Liquor Licensing:
      • Cranberry over Superior
        • Liquor License
        • Motion: Steele/sPope to approve Liquor license for Cranberry over Superior Carried Unanimous.
        • Operator Permit(s)
        • Motion: by Steele/sSmith to approve Joann Weshar Carried Unanimous.
        • Motion: by Steele/sSmith to approve Travis Tomkowiak Carried Unanimous.
      • Elsie Blue
        • Liquor License
        • Motion:by Steele/sSmith to approve liquor license for Elsie Blue Carried unanimous
        • Operator Permit(s)
        • Motion: by Steele/sPope to approve Janelle Torgson Carried unanimous
        • Motion: by Steele/Smith to approve Jeremy Madison Carried unanimous
      • Discussion/Possible Action to Short Term Rental Permits–Steele
        • Grosskreutz—90530 Bark Point Road
        • Vaughan/J. E. Hutchinson—89015 Bark Point Road
        • Killam/J. E. Hutchinson—89050 Bark Point Road
        • Vanesse/J. E. Hutchinson—89330 Bark Point Road
        • Wilson/J. E. Hutchinson—90590 Bark Point Road
        • Glau/86655 Lenawee Road
        • & A. Tully/14835 & 14845 Hultman Street
        • Karpfinger/D. Thunharst—Port Wing–89320 Bark Point Road
        • Sample/876655 Bark Point Road (no local manager listed)
        • Felt/14945 State Hwy 13
      • Discussion/Possible Action related to participation in Micro Grid Grant–Felt
      • Discussion/Possible Action related to the possibility of holding some of TOC money in a CD–Felt
    • Education, Culture and Recreation:
      • Discussion/Likely Action related property owners of TOC obtaining water from Campground for personal use—Steele
      • Discussion/Possible Action related to formal request to DNR for placement and maintenance of a Port-a-Potty near the mouth of the Cranberry River–Steele
    • Public Works:
      • Discussion/Possible Action related to federally approved Engineer(ing Firm) to seek funding for rehabilitation of Bark Point Road between Hesse Road going toward the point to west entrance of the Boman property–Steele



Minutes prepared by the Town Clerk.

Minutes are unofficial until approved by the Town of Clover Board