TOC Town Plan Commission Meeting, September 1, 2020


First Revision (additions underlined)

Town of Clover


September 1, 2019, 4:30 PM

Historic Gym


Call to Order:

 Roll Call:

 Audience Attendance:



Pete Berton appointed by Town Board for a term through April 30, 2023;  Sheryl Isaksson as elected Town Board member appointed for a term through April 30, 2022.

Approval of Minutes:   November 5, 2019 Meeting

Old Business:   Selection by TPC of vice chairperson.

New Business:

  1.  Short-term Rentals in the Town of Clover
  2. A brief history and current status of Short-term rentals in the Town of Clover.
  3. Consideration of a DRAFT Ordinance for Regulating Short-Term Rentals within the Town of Clover, and a DRAFT Short-Term Rental Application and License. Action may be taken to make a recommendation to the Town Board.


  1. Special Use Permits (two requests submitted on one form)


  1. Class A Special Use Permit for RV Placement longer than four months requested by Bradley and Sarah Hughes.   
  2. Class A Special Use Permit for Grading more than 200 square feet within 1,000 feet of Lake Superior requested by Bradley and Sarah Hughes.


Future Business:



Agenda prepared by the Plan Commission Chair. Pandemic precautions will be implemented.


Copies of the DRAFT short-term rental documents may be obtained by e-mailing or by calling Keith Koenning at 715 774 3475.


Notice posted by the Town Clerk not later than 4:30 pm August 30, 2020, at the Town Hall, Post Office, and on the Town’s website.