TOC Sanitary District Minutes, April 14, 2021

Town of Clover Sanitary District #1 – Meeting Minutes

Wednesday April 14, 2021 at 8:00 pm in the Meeting Room of the Town of Clover Town Hall (The Gym). 


Called to Order at 8:15 pm

Roll Call: Present; Steele, Gillespey, Rebak, Stemwedel, Smith, Morelli Absent Isaksson, Also present Dale Fuller, Shirley Nelson, James Stemwedel.

Approval of Minutes of:

  • March

Treasurer’s Report: March

 Expenditures: Motion to approve batch S-0414.  Motion to approve made by Steele/sStemwedel Carried Unanimous


Reports:  (please see further reports below in packets)

  • Operations:

                        Dump Station:

Reports for Dumping from:

  • Lakeshore:
  • March- 87000 gal
  • #2 Septic Pumping & Excavating:
    • March 0 gal
  • Business:
  • Review Appendices for April Meeting (see Packets) no changes review complete.
  • Discussion/Likely Action related to: Ordinance #20210414-1, Amendment to Ordinance #20150408 Sewer Use Ordinance, Section V. 3. (new with renumbering after)
  • Motion: by Steele/sStemwedel to adopt ordinance 20210414-1 amendment to 20150408 Sewer use ordinance section V. 3 Carried unanimous.
  • Discussion/Likely Action related to how to deal with truncated sewer main in ally south of State Hwy 13 and north of Hultman–Steele Extend main request bids for extension, special meeting to open bids May 5th at 10:00 am. By consensus.

Any Agenda Items for next month or later

  • Motion to adjourn 8:35 pm

.Minutes prepared by the Commission Secretary.

  • Minutes are unofficial until approved by the Commission.