TOC Plan Commission Minutes, July 23, 2022


Town of Clover Plan Commission

July 23, 2022, 10 am

Historic Gym

Call to Order:  10 am

Roll Call:  Beverly Steele, Pete Berton, Keith Koenning (chair); James Stemwedel and Chris Lehnert, absent.

Audience Attendance:  Dale Fuller (Town Chair), Patricia Murphy, Louie Morelli, Iva Morelli, Lois Palmer, Susan McDonald, Pete Wagner, Mark Filonowich, Patty Carpenter, Jennifer Schierman, Robert Schierman, Katherine Merrill, Erin Hutchinson, and Will Hughes


New Business:

 Introduction to the 2023-2043 Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use project and call for volunteers.

1. What is a Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map? It is a roadmap for government officials to follow in the future based on what residents today want the future to look like

2. Why does the Town of Clover need one? All of the land in the Town is zoned.  Bayfield County by agreement with the Town is the zoning authority.  Land use decisions by Bayfield County for the Town of Clover are to be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.  These land use decisions begin with a property owner seeking a Special Use or Conditional Use Permit to change the current use of the land in a way that is regulated by the zoning code.  Common examples are opening a business in a non-commercial area, operating a short-term rental, having an RV on undeveloped property, and building a residence on certain agricultural and forestry zoned acreage.  Less common examples might include opening a dog kennel, a game farm, or opening a storage facility in a non-commercial area.

Zoning changes are relatively rare but must be consistent with the Future Land Use Map.

3. What does a Comprehensive Plan Cover? Just about everything.  Our Plan will focus on our Coastal Resources—12 miles of shoreline, the Bark Bay Slough, the boat launch, and the Bark and Cranberry Rivers.  Whether the Town supports or discourages short-term rentals will be in the Plan, for example.

4. Who enforces the Plan? As mentioned earlier, the County handles zoning decisions for the Town.  However, public opinion is important, and in controversy, the residents enforce the Plan through expression of support for what the Plan says.

 5. Who writes and approves the Plan? That is why we are here today.  Anyone can participate in writing the Plan by expressing opinions, providing facts, and arguing for a particular point of view.  The volunteers of the Plan Committee will write the Plan.  The appointed Plan Commission is responsible for submitting the Plan to the Town Board of Supervisors.  The Plan is put in force by means of a Town ordinance.

6. How can I participate? Complete a “volunteer” form available here.  See any member of the Town Plan Commission, contact me, or go to the website, 2023-2043 Comprehensive Plan.

Individuals can join the Work Groups at any time during the project.

There was brief discussion of steps that will be taken to ensure opinions of all kinds will be allowed to be expressed.  The chair said that the Work Groups will be asked to seek opinions from a wide range of parties including non-residents who impact the Town such as realtors, kayak outfitters, and Department of Natural Resources representatives.  There will be a survey of all property owners.  There will be numerous public meetings open to all.

A query was made as to whether the Plan has an influence in decision making or is it just a formality?  The chair advised that he believes that it does have an impact on County Zoning Department decisions when it is cited in support of or in opposition to a particular land use permit application.

A concern was expressed that the written survey might not be accessible to all and that perhaps a public access terminal could be available if the survey is conducted online.

Adjournment:  10:40 am


Follow-up note to the Minutes:  Eight persons have expressed a willingness to participate in the Plan Committee and Work Groups.  Volunteers will be contacted in the near future as the Plan Committee and Work Groups are assembled.


Minutes prepared on July 23, 2022, by the Plan Commission Chair, Keith Koenning, and questions may be directed to him at or 715 774 3475.