TOC Plan Commission Minutes, December 7, 2021


Town of Clover Plan Commission

December 7, 2021, 7 pm

Historic Gym



Call to Order:  7:05 pm

Roll Call:  Sheryl Isaksson, Chris Lehnert, James Stemwedel, Keith Koenning.  Pete Berton, absent.

Audience Attendance:   Jessica Sine, Michael Sine.

Announcements:  None

Approval of Minutes:  November 2, 2021 Minutes approved by consensus.

Old Business:  None


New Business:


  1. Conditional Use Permit for a second shipping container/intermodal container at 16190 Nicoletti Rd in A-1 zoning by Jessica and Michael Sine. Wetlands are present on this 40 acre parcel.  The Chair noted that one container on A-1 is permitted without a special or conditional use permit.   The applicants said that the existing container was present when they bought the property.   This application is to place a second container for storage.  The Chair reviewed the Plot Plan submitted to the County by the applicants, and the DNR Wetland Identification Report of September 7, 2021.  The Chair noted that a roadside view of the site indicates the existing container and proposed site of the second container are setback and screened by vegetation.


Consensus recommendation to the Town Board:  Goal 7 of the Comprehensive Plan, “Maintain the scenic and aesthetic beauty of the Town of Clover,” includes objectives to preserve the rural appearance of our roads, and to identify and preserve wetlands.  These storage containers (existing and proposed) while not contributing to the scenic and aesthetic beauty of the Town, do not substantially detract from the rural appearance of our roads.  The wetlands have been identified.  Approval with the condition that placement of the storage container be in compliance with Bayfield County and State of Wisconsin wetland regulations.


  1. Class A Special Use Permit for one short-term rental at 87180 Old School Rd in R-RB zoning by agent John Nixon (for owners Diana A. Cole and Robert C. Hartshorn).


  1. Class A Special Use Permit for one short-term rental at 88525 Bark Point Rd in R-RB zoning by Kimberly Scott and John Marks.


The Chair noted that both properties have driveways not shared with another property.  Address signs are in place.


There was brief discussion about the increasing number of short-term rentals, sometimes referred to as “airbnbs,” in the Town (four added in the past seven months), and what problems might come about as a result.  One concern expressed is the potential impact of short-term rentals on real estate prices and how this might affect those who wish to purchase property to live in the Town.  The Town might consider a limit on the number of short-term rental licenses, perhaps as a percent of total housing units.  This will be an issue for the Town to address in the 2023-2043 Comprehensive Plan.


As to each of the above items 2 and 3, consensus recommendations to the Town Board:  Goals 1 and 10 of the Comprehensive Plan support recreational housing and tourism.  Approval with the following conditions to be on the County issued Special Use Permit:  1) This permit is not transferable if the property is sold.  2)  Prior to advertising and rental the property owner must have a Wisconsin Tourist Rooming House License issued by the Bayfield County Health Department and a Town of Clover Short-Term Rental License.


Future Business:  The issue of “blight” (inoperable vehicles, junk, etc.) in the Town was raised.  This may be an issue for the Town to consider in the 2023-2043 Comprehensive Plan.


Adjournment:  7:35 pm


Minutes prepared by the Plan Commission Chair, Keith Koenning, and questions may be directed to