TOC Plan Commission Meeting, August 2, 2022


Town of Clover Plan Commission

August 2, 2022, 7 pm

Historic Gym


Call to Order:

Roll Call:

Audience Attendance:


 Approval of Minutes:

 New Business:

1. Class A Special Use Permit for one short-term rental at 85990 Buckley Rd in A-1 zoning by Peter Spooner and Jean Larson.

2. Status report on formation of the Town of Clover 2023-2043 Plan Committee.

3. Report on the first meeting of the Bayfield County Plan Committee.

Future Business:




Agenda prepared on July 27, 2022 by the Plan Commission Chair, Keith Koenning, and questions may be directed to him at or 715 774 3475.

 Notice posted by the Town Clerk not later than 7 pm on August 1 at the Town Hall (gym), Post Office, and the Town’s website.