TOC Meeting, May 12, 2021

Town of Clover – Meeting Notice

May 12, 2021 at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall

COVID-19 protocols are to be followed; face masks required

Call to order

Roll call

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of agenda

Public comment. Restricted to agenda items and limited to three minutes per speaker

Approval of minutes of the April 14, 2021 board meeting

Treasurer’s report April

Approval of expenditures T-0512

Business: Discussion and action may occur on any of the following agenda items.

Permission to Bayfield County Senior Meals Listening Sessions to park on Bark Point Road near the Community Park pavilion on June 7, 2021

Opening playground as soon as the Town is cleared to do so

Memorial Day observance at Town of Clover Cemetery

Reset roads inspection date

Reconsider work on Park Avenue due to new findings and culvert price increase

Consider Norvado service package upgrade at campground

Purchase of three-point hitch boom mower for roadside mowing

Online reservations for campground

Safety issue at Park pavilion



Town Plan Commission: Koenning

Fire Department: McGuire

Ambulance: Stemwedel

Town Park/Campground: Smith

Playground: Isaksson

Roads: Fuller

Boat Parking and Launch: Isaksson

Transfer Station: Fuller

Cemetery: Fuller

Gym: Fuller

Bark Bay Slough: Steele

Future agenda items: Public comment will be heard in this regard under the three-minute rule.





* Towns may adopt an alternative claims procedure ordinance under Wis. Stat. § 60.44(2) that provides an expedited process for paying all or select types of bills. This ordinance delegates primary approval authority to the clerk and allows signed checks to be distributed by the treasurer before being approved by the town board. Clerks then present a monthly list of paid claims to the town board for approval after the fact.


Agenda prepared by the Town Chair

Notice and agenda posted by the Clerk on or before 7:00 PM Tuesday, May 11.  Posting is at the Town Hall, Post Office and the Town’s Web Site.  Also distributed via email.

The Town Hall is accessible to those persons with physical disabilities.  For assistance, please contact the Town Office at 715-774-3780