TOC Board Minutes, October 13, 2021

Town of Clover – Minutes

Regular Board Meeting

October 13 2021 7:00 pm



Called to order at 7:00 PM

Roll Call: Present:  Steele, Gillespey, Isaksson,  Stemwedel, Smith, Fuller, Morelli, Also present  Shirley Nelson, Lois Palmer, Daniel Lindquist, Sandra Stark, Francine Alt Greene, Joie Pacini, Cindy Lazorik, Patty Carpenter, Jasen Carpenter,Patti Joswick, Keith Koenning, Jane Hennessy, Frank Hennessy, Dana Churness, Gene Lemmmons, Mark Filonawich, Guy McGuire.

Public Comments:


Minutes of September 8 Regular board meeting.

Treasurer’s Report for September.

Expenditures: Motion by Steele/sStemwedel to approve Batch T-1013 Carried Unanimous.

Business: Discussion and action may occur on any of the following agenda items.

Town of Clover Comprehensive Plan 2023-2043

Resolution 20211013-1

Motion:by Steele/sStemwedel to adopt resolution 20211013-1 Carried Unanimous.

Wisconsin Coastal Management Program grant application

Motion: by Steele/sFuller to approve grant application WCMP in principal to fund comprehensive plan amendment #2. Carried Unanimous.

Resolution 20211013-2 Supporting Language by Bayfield County Zoning Department Regarding Water Bottling. Steele

Motion: by Steele/sStemwedel to adopt resolution 20211013-2 Carried Unanimous.

Local Roads Improvement Program

Discussion of money available Dale to gather information and present.

Federal Lands Access Program

Looking into to see if anything is available for possibly Campbell rd culvert.

Alcohol Beverage Retail License application by Lacey L. Lueth for Cranberry Over Superior at 86985 Lenawee Road, Herbster, WI

Motion: by Stemwedel/sSteele to approve liquor license for Cranberry over Superior 86985 Lenawee Rd  Lacey Lueth Carried Unanimous.

Application for an Operator’s License by Travis Tomkowiak

Motion: by Stemwedel/sSteele to approve operators license for Travis Tomkowiak. Carried Unanimous

Application for a Transient Merchant Permit by Chris Prysok

By Consensus to return fee.

Class A Special Use Permit for a residence in A-1 zoning requested by Peter Spooner

Motion: by Stemwedel/sSteele to recommend to zoning approval of Class A. Carried Unanimous

Class A Special Use Permit for a short-term rental in R-RB zoning requested by Eileen Karpfinger

Motion: by Steele/sStemwedel to recommend to zoning approval of Class A STR. Carried Unanimous

Non transport calls made by South Shore Ambulance Association

Motion: by Stemwedel/sSteele to charge $100 for non transport after 2second call per person per year. Carried Unanimous.

Fee to reserve Town Park pavilion by people engaged in for profit enterprise Defer

Request by Erin Hutchinson for parking on Bark Point Road adjacent to the Town Park pavilion on October 23, 2021

Motion: by Stemwedel/sFuller to allow parking on bark point adjacent to the park pavilion for event on October 23 2021. Carried Unanimous.

Solid waste transfer station fees

Motion: by Fuller/sSteele to have transfer station fees tear as follows: Grocery bag $1, 13 gallon $2, 33 gal or construction $4. Carried Unanimous.

Campground permit application to Bayfield County Planning and Zoning

By consensus: to follow on with permitting process.

Town board budget meeting time and date

By consensus: budget process meeting dates October 18 at 1pm and Oct 21 at 10am.


Reports:  (Please see: Announcements, Reports & Notes)

Town Plan Commission: See packets for minutes of October 5, 2021 meeting

Fire Department: McGuire no hose testing

Ambulance: Stemwedel 5 calls

Town Park/Campground: Smith

Playground: Isaksson

Roads: Fuller

Boat Parking and Launch: Isaksson

Transfer Station: Fuller Winter hours

Cemetery: Fuller Kiosk in place

Gym: Fuller

Bark Bay Slough: Steele

Future agenda:

Campground Reservations



Motion to Adjourn By Consensus:8:39pm

Minutes prepared by the Town Clerk

Minutes are unofficial until approved by the Town of Clover Board.