Town of Clover – Meeting Notice

Board Meeting     

May 13, 2020 immediately following the 7:00 pm BOR Meeting in the Town Hall (Historic Gymnasium).

NOTE:  This meeting is in the main area—Gymnasium proper.  The chairs are arranged to that social distancing (at least 6’ apart) is maintained.  Please do not rearrange the chairs.  The surfaces have been sanitized and will be again after the meeting(s).  Cleaning your hands by using the sanitizer provided at the entrances  (or better yet washing your hands for 20 seconds in one of the 4 bathrooms) is encouraged, if you cough do so in the crook of your elbow—not into your hands, feel free to wear masks to protect others, and project your voice so that all can hear.

NOTE:  The public is invited to attend, you may walk at any time, you will need to sign for the record, but there is no requirement to sign in separately if you wish to speak.  Should you wish to comment during the Public Comment Agenda Item you will be limited to three (3) minutes.   You will not be limited to a three (3) minute time if responding to a particular agenda item during the discussion regarding that item.  Should it seem the point of your speaking to an agenda item is not evident, you may be asked to clarify what your purpose is.  When speaking to any agenda item, should it seem to the Chair that the same points are being repeated without additional information; the Chair will interrupt and list the points that have been heard to check that our hearing is accurate and asked if there are further points to be made.

NOTE:  The packets will be available to the public 1/2 hour prior to the meeting (that is 6:30pm).


Call to order:

Roll Call:

Public Comment:

Review of Minutes with any corrections: (see packets)

  • April

Treasurer’s Report for:

  • April

ExpendituresMotion to approve the expenditure Batch

  • T-0513


  • Cemetery:
    • Memorial Day Service at the Cemetery has been Please maintain social distancing and 9 people or less per group when visiting the cemetery.
    • Spring cleaning is complete. Feel free to place appropriate items at the cemetery without fear of them being removed by Town Employees.
  • Transfer Station: Summer hours are in effect (Saturdays, 9:00am to 1:00pm and Wednesdays, 5:00pm to 7:00pm) outside the Town Garage
  • The following activities are suspended secondary to Wisconsin COVID-19 rules. They will likely resume at their usual dates and times once the rules regarding the type of activity have been lifted:
    • South Shore Senior Meal Program: In At least the in-person program is suspended.  When lifted, will likely resume Tuesday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at Bear Paw.
    • Golden Shoes: Mondays and Thursdays from 10:00am to 11:00am
    • Wednesday Women’s Walking/Running Group: Wednesday from 5:00pm to 6:00pm at the gym
    • Dominos: every other Wednesday in the meeting room from 1:00pm to 4:00pm next with the next date for the activity to be announced.
    • Pickle Ball: Thursday at the Gym from 3:00pm to 5:00pm and multiple other times (see the calendar to the right in the foyer as you enter)
    • Coffee, Treats and Fellowship: Thursday from 8:00am in the meeting room

Announcements:  (Please see Announcements below the agenda for further Announcements)

  • PLEASE Complete and return your census survey if you have not done so yet. The aggregated information from this is very important to the Town for such things as seeking grant funding, for economic development and the like.
  • Gym lot: The Gym parking lot is the preferred helicopter landing site.  If parking your car and leaving the Gym area, please park your car on Wee Avenue.


  • Town Planning Commission: March meeting cancelled due to lack of agenda items—Koenning, Chairperson
  • Fire Department: Rebak (see packet)
  • Ambulance: Stemwedel (see packet)
  • Town Park/Campground including ADA Compliant restroom & shower update: Smith
  • Play Ground: Isaksson
  • Roads including BPR Funding & Park Ave Updates: Steele
  • Boat Parking and Launch: Isaksson
  • Transfer Station: Steele
  • Cemetery: Rebak
  • Gym: Steele
  • Bark Bay Slough: Steele
  • Task Forces:
    • Upkeep of Historic Gym kitchen, likely annual cleaning: TBD
    • Recommend Actions regarding attracting tourists: TBD


  • Government:
    • Discussion/Likely Action related to reappointment of Sheryl Isaksson to the Town Planning Commission for a two (2) year term ending April 30, 2022 to coincide with her current elected term on the Board—Steele
    • Discussion/Perhaps Action related to the Annual Meeting Date—Steele
    • Discussion/Perhaps Action related to the State’s suggestion that municipalities reduce their budgets for 2020 by 5%–Steele
    • Discussion/Perhaps Action related to: (see packets for letter sent on behalf of the Ashland Bayfield County tavern League)
      • Lowering the renewal of existing Class B liquor licenses to $50.00, the lowest amount allowed by state statute
      • Waive the renewal fee for Class B Beer license
      • Waive the renewal fee for existing operator’s licenses
  • Herbster Volunteer Fire Department:
    • Discussion/Perhaps Action related to Resolution 20200513-2 Amendment to Resolution #20131218-3 Move 2% Fire Dues Return to Savings—Rebak/Steele (See Packets for resolution and DSPS 2% Fire Dues uses)
    • Perhaps Discussion/Perhaps Action related to Resolution #20200513-3A, use of use of 2% Fire Dues money for expenses related to Herbster Volunteer Fire Department (HVFD)—Rebak/Steele
  • SSAA: Discussion/Likely Action related to Resolution 20200513-3B, use of FAP money for expenses related to South Shore Ambulance Association for 2019—Stemwedel/Steele (see Packet)
  • Budget Reconciliation Resolutions for 2019: (see Packets)
    • 20200513-3C-J
  • Culture & Recreation:
    • Boat Launch: Discussion/Likely Action related to Resolution #20200513-1, Amendment to Resolution #20200311-1, Creating a Standing Committee for addressing Issues related to the Bark Point boat Launch—Steele (see Packets and Note #2 below)
    • Campground:
      • Discussion/Likely Action related to Check-in Shelter–Smith
      • Discussion/Perhaps Action related to status of opening—Smith/Steele (see packets)
        • If opening, related to status and if needed to:
        • Restrooms disinfection
        • Showers disinfection
        • Trash Collection
        • Fire Wood
        • Host or management of grounds
        • Fees:
          • RVs full hookup
          • Kings Hill and RV overflow partial Hookup
          • Tents
          • Shower for non-Campers
        • Discussion/Likely Action related to ADA Compliant Shower &/or Correcting the Connection to the SD Sewer Main
      • Gymnasium: Discussion/Perhaps action related to processes and procedures resumption of gym activities
    • Future Agenda Items:
      • Discussion/Perhaps Adoption related to: Ordinance Prohibiting Motorized Vehicles upon Beaches within the Township of Clover (Adopted May 11, 1988)—nothing received yet from the Town Attorney
      • Large Pavilion:
        • Campsites around Large Pavilion
      • SSAA
        • Coverage Agreement follow-up
        • Charging for non-transport calls
      • Motion to Adjourn


Agenda prepared by the Town Chair

Notice and agenda posted by the Clerk on or before 7:00 PM Tuesday, May 12, 2020 (actually My 11).  Posting is at the Town Hall, Fire Hall, Post Office and the Town’s Web Site.  Also distributed via email.

The Town Hall is accessible to those persons with physical disabilities.  For assistance please contact the Town Office at 715-774-3780.


Announcements, Reports and Notes:


South Shore Senior Meal Program:  (On hold at this time) The Senior Dining site is at the Bear Paw Restaurant at 8805 State Hwy. 13 in Port Wing every Tuesday from 2:00 Pm to 4 PM.  All seniors 60+ are welcome regardless of your ability to donate.  Recommended donation is $4.00 per meal.  Donations are confidential.  Meal cost is paid by the Bayfield County Senior Nutrition program.

Good nutrition is critical to good health-no matter what your age. Studies show that the right diet and adequate intake are especially important for older people and that poor nutrition is the biggest threat to an older adult’s independence.  Wisconsin’s Elderly Nutrition Program is a step in that direction.  The program offers tasty, nutritious meals to anyone age 60 and older along with a chance to socialize with friends.



Town Planning Commission:  –-K. Koenning (April Meeting canceled due to lack of agenda items)

HVFD:  Rebak (for Minutes & Treasurer’s Report(s) of the Volunteer Fund–see packet)

SSAA:  Stemwedel (for Minutes & Treasurer’s Report(s) of the Volunteer Fund–see packet)

Town Park/Campground:  Smith

  • Gates for Fencing around Dumpster: Will not likely be completed prior to May 15, 2020
  • Work Orders awaiting completion:
    • Building and installing board walk and stairs for entry to the beach across from the large Pavilion secondary to the October 2017 storm.
    • New campsite signs where lost by storm
    • Stakes are refined and Rope is present for replacing barrier between campsites and erosion protection areas
    • ADA compliant restroom including shower in the process of receiving cost estimates—will likely not be completed prior to May 15, 2020. NOTE:  Just one (1) complaint to the ADA from a person with a disability regarding the lack of accessible restroom and shower facility could close the entire campground.
  • Large Pavilion: Fuller orchestrated the repairs to the Large Pavilion under the egis of the HCC.  Many thanks to both Dale Fuller and the HCC for spearheading this project.  Donations to this cause are still appreciated and can be sent to either the HCC or the Town with the designation noted.
  • Roads Report:
  • Road Maintenance (through April 30)
    • Culvert Rehab: Bark Point Road=2; Bark River Road=5; Busch Town Road=1; Hesse Road=1; Lefty’s Road=1; Lenawee Road=7; Matthews Road=2; Shortcut Road=1; Touve Road=1
    • Culvert Replacement:
    • Cleaned Ditches: Bark Point Road=2; Bark River Road=1; Busche Town Road=1;  Kleinhans Road=1; Lenawee Road=4; Matthews Road=2
    • Graded: Bark Bay Road=3; Bark Point Road=5; Beeksma Road=1; Buckley Road=3; Busche Town Road=1; Campbell Road=3; Half Mile Road=1; Hesse Road=4; Kleinhans Road=1; Leftys Road=1; Lenawee Road=9; Matthews Road=2; McInerney Road=2; Nicoletti Road=3; Old St. Hwy 13=2; Shortcut Road=3; Swedlund Road=2;  Touve Road=5
    • Graveled:
    • Mowed:
    • Pothole Repair: Bark Bay Road=1; Bark River Road=1; Cranberry Road=1; Nicoletti Road=1
    • Rebuilt and Fortified:
    • Rehabbed:
    • Removed Rocks:
    • Sign Replacement/installation:
    • Snow Blowing:
    • Snow Plowing: Clearing roadways of snow and providing ice control as needed.  All Town Roads, except Bark Bay Slough Road=6; Bark Point Landing Road=6; Bell/Clover Town Line Road=0; Clover Gravel Pit Road=1; Deswert Road=6; Half Mile Road=6; & Kessler Road=4; Clover Gravel Pit Road=1.   Town Roads to date=32; Forest Roads (Battle Axe (FR246), Blueberry Rd (FR 692), Boundary Rd (FR 439), Bratley Rd, Sand Trap Rd (FR 683), and Seven Mile RD (FR 433)=6 times
    • Spot Gravel: Bark Bay Road=1; Bark Bay Slough Road=1; Bark River Road=4; Busche Town Road=1; Hesse Road=1; Lefty’s Road=1; Lenawee Road=5; Makiewicz Road=1; Nicoletti Road=1; Shortcut Road=2; Swedlund Road=1; Touve Road=1;
    • Tree Removal: Old State Hwy 13=1; Willow Road=1
  • Garage & Equipment Maintenance (Thru April 30)
    • Coordination of Activities Planning: x’s 26
    • Haul Metal: 1
    • Worked on items like logs: x’s 25
    • Maintenance on:
      • Back Hoe: x’s 9
      • Dump Truck 2019: x’s 8
      • Dump Truck 2006: x’s 6
      • Grader: x’s 8
      • Leveler: x’s 7
      • Mower:
      • Old Trailer: x’s
      • Pickup Truck 2008: x’s 1
      • Shop: x’s 54
      • Snow Blower: 2 hrs
      • Steamer: x’s 5
      • Tractor: x’s 13Other:  x’s 10
    • Equipment Use:
      • Dump Truck 2019: x’s 36
      • Dump Truck 2006: x’s 16
      • Pick Up Truck 2008: x’s 32
      • Back Hoe: x’s 28
      • Grader: x’s 23
      • Road Snow Blower: x’s
      • Tractor: x’s 14
      • Leveler & I Beam: x’s 14
      • Steamer: x’s 9
    • Boom Mowing: The boom mowing for vertical clearance is complete.  Ditch boom mowing will be done soon.  Please remove all personal items from the ditches as the boom mower will likely harm them if they remain
    • Bark Point Road Beach Erosion: Phase A is now complete and submission to WIDOT of various expenses with further refinements as requested by WIDOT is done and submitted.  We heard May 8 2020 that at least two (2) additional pieces of support documentation are needed prior to being cleared for reimbursement.  This information has been submitted as of May 8, 2020.  We are told that we will be eligible for 75/25 DOT moneys for bring back the road to its previous condition, and 50/50 for mitigation to prevent future damage.  The Town Labor and Town Equipment has been figured into the Town’s portion of the repair costs as in-kind.  The exact amount that will be received from the DOT will not be determined until after the DOT has finalized their reviewed and acted upon the request for reimbursement from the Town.  The DOT is very specific that reimbursement is confined to damage caused to the roadbed and threat to the roadbed along Bark Point Road by the storm of Oct. 25-27, 2017.
    • Park Avenue from State Highway 13 to the intersection with Frontage Road is not listed as an official roadbed by the DOT. Ordinance #20190625-1 was passed for adding this section of Park Avenue to the official list of Town Roads.  The DOT has OK’d us going forward with this initiative.  The paperwork has been completed and submitted for adding this portion of Park Avenue to the official Town Roads.  There is a chance that this will begin with the 2020 funding and in any event will be added as a town road with the 2021.  Steele is told by the Engineer that bringing this intersection up to specs will roughly be in the neighborhood of $5,000 to $10,000.  The road will need to be brought up to specs by the time State Highway 13 is repaved.  At the present time it is not known when State Highway 13 is scheduled for repaving in the area of Park Avenue.  The projects for repairing State Highway 13 have been posted for 2021 and do not include State Hwy 13 by the intersection with Park Avenue.


Boat Parking and Boat Launch:

  • A Standing Committee, Friends of the Bark Bay Boat Launch, has been named: Mark Pope is the Chairperson, Sheryl Isaksson, member (Board representative), Jim Reha, Stan Samuels, and Dale Paulson.  See Resolution 20200311-1 for the work of this committee.
  • The Committee discovered that a large lake worthy back hoe was available April 24 & 25 with the only charge being for transport to and from the boat launch. The committee also arranged for a large dump truck with driver to help with sand hauling of dredging on April 25.  An anonymous donor paid for both of these expenses.
  • Donations of time were given by the following folk: Mark Pope, Matt Hipsher, Tim Nicoletti and Chris Martins.  Please give these folk many thanks when you see them.
  • Construction and redesign of the floating walkway was being done by the crew in moments of down time. They continued to work with Tim Fleming and the Standing Committee on redesign as the lake levels continue to fluctuate, presenting ever new challenges.  Use of the floating walkway at this time is precluded.


  • The playground continues with its winterization for the season and will not open until the Public Health Emergency related to COVID-19 is over.

Transfer Station:

  • The Transfer Station is at the garage location. We are on Summer hours (Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm, and Wednesdays 5:00pm to 7:00pm)
  • What can and cannot be accepted at the Transfer Station:
    • Metal: NOTE:  Please place only metal items in the metal dumpster or metal recycling designated location.  The Town employees should not need to sort the material in these dumpsters to be sure that they are metal.  No electronics or appliances please.  If in doubt talk to either Glenn, Dan “Slappy”, Rocky, or one of the crew before dumping into the metal dumpster.
    • Small Batteries are accepted at the Town’s Transfer Station
    • Electronic, cathode ray tube and florescent bulb waste CANNOT be accepted at the Town of Clover Transfer station but the Town has a cooperative agreement with the Town of Bell (Cornucopia) Transfer Station to accept our waste at the same fee as their residents pay.
    • Corrugated cardboard waste CAN be accepted at our Transfer Station, but the Town of Bell Transfer station has a cardboard bailer and accepts this waste free of charge without breaking down the boxes. They make money off this waste.  Wet corrugated cardboard is not accepted to be bailed and sold.  It needs to go into our recycling bin.
    • All Paper—including white and slick is no longer being recycled for the South Shore School fund raiser band trips. It is to be placed in the Transfer Station Recycle Dumpster.
    • Please crush all containers for recycling as able.
    • Remove all bottle tops and place the tops in the Trash, bottles only in Recyclables.
    • Aluminum cans are recycled separately for the playground



  • 4x4s are present and awaiting installation at the corners of each section of the new portion of the Cemetery. Caps for these corner markers are present and need to be engraved with the various blocks prior to instillation on top of the 4x4s.
  • To purchase a lot(s) in the Cemetery, please call either Tim Nicoletti, Sextant at the Garage (715-774-3882) or Tracy Pope, Clerk (715-774-3870). All maps including blocks of lots are now available for your selection.  Please contact the Garage if you wish to select a lot(s).
  • Old Cemetery Reconciliation
    • Nothing new here. As soon as Feasible Nicoletti and Steele will resume the final process of reconciliation.  Rebak and Steele took the original map, one redone in the 80’s and the official record book up to the cemetery and reviewed each and every headstone, lot and block.  We now have a fairly good account of all unmarked graves, where trees and or their roots are intruding preventing full use of the blocks involved and which blocks are full or can only receive cremains.  Steele and Nicoletti are completing a final inspection of these records with measuring devices prior to final reconciliation.  Steele and Nicoletti have completed one Section of the Cemetery and have two more sections to finalize.  The weather prevents further work on this project until Spring.  The wooden crosses are present and being installed on the unmarked graves.  A person generously provided the crosses.  The crosses are being installed and should be in place by Memorial Day.  Future recommendations regarding planting trees may be forth coming.



  • the Gym is closed to all activities, until further notice. check  com for further information regarding the status of Gym activities.
  • Town of Clover Governmental Business continues.
  • Refinishing of the outside of the gym remains to be done. This would protect the logs from deterioration.
  • Grants:
    • In 2020 Bayfield County forestry and Parks Dept. awarded the Town of Clover <$5,000 for 2020 Town Road Improvement Aids. The Town will donate manpower and equipment as in-kind contributions to this grant
  • Bark Bay Slough: The dock is now installed for the summer.
    • Taskforce: Issues related to unpermitted transient merchants have again cropped up late this season.  A request for permit form has been received from an outfitter in MI and a letter with the application has been sent.  Applications have been received from the 3 other outfitters and 1 permit was granted in March with the remaining 2 being acted on at this meeting (April).
  • Town Web Site: Iva Morelli is maintaining the Web site on an ongoing basis.  Check it out.  Town meeting agendas and minutes are posted there along with posting in the usual 3 official sites and email list distribution.  The most recent Ordinances on any subject are now posted on the web site.  Other either official (including emergency announcements) and/or interesting material is being added as available.



 Note #1:  2019 Wisconsin Act #185 states that local governments are not subject to the requirement to limit meetings to 10 people or less, but must still follow CDC social distancing guidelines for any meetings.  Thus, persons must be seated at least 6’ apart, surfaces must be sanitized before and after the meeting, hand sanitizer must be available at entrances.   With these guidelines, perhaps the annual meeting can be scheduled.  This meeting needs to be Noticed not earlier than 20 days prior nor less than 15 days prior.


Note #2:  The Tax Assessors state that they are ready, and any date in July is available, we just need to let them know.  Perhaps Open Book, July 11 from 9:00am to 11:00am in the Meeting Room of the Town Hall (Historic Gymnasium) and Board of Review July 25 from 10:00am to Noon in the Meeting Room of the Town Hall (see Note #1 below)