TOC Board Meeting Agenda, January 12, 2022

Town of Clover – Meeting Notice

Board Meeting

January 12, 2022 at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall (gym)

At August 11, 2021, board meeting motion carried to require masks for all at government meetings with dais to be placed adequate distance from all and that speakers remove mask only when speaking, further that the board social distance the tables as to be able to remove mask to speak and replace when done speaking.


Call to order

Roll call

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of agenda

Public comment: Public comment will be heard during discussion of business.

Approval of minutes of the December 8, 2021 Board meeting

Treasurer’s report

Approval of expenditures* See batch T-0112

Business: Discussion and action may occur on any of the following agenda items.

Rescind motion to call a special meeting of the electors for January 26 at 7:00pm regarding the 10% raise to the board from April 20, 2021.


60.32  Compensation of elective town offices.

(1)  Established by town meeting or board.

(a) Except as provided under par. (b) and s. 66.0507, the town meeting shall establish the compensation of elective town offices.

(b) If authorized by the town meeting under s. 60.10 (2) (k), the town board shall establish the compensation of elective town offices, other than the office of town board supervisor.

(2)  Nature of compensation. Compensation under this section may be:

(a) An annual salary.

(b) A per diem compensation for each day or part of a day necessarily devoted to the service of the town and the discharge of duties.

(c) A combination of pars. (a) and (b).

(3)  Changes during term. Subject to sub. (4), the town meeting or, if authorized to establish compensation, the town board may make a change in the compensation of an elective town office to take effect during the term of office.

(4)  When established. Compensation under this section shall be established prior to the latest date and time for filing nomination papers for the office. After that date and time, no change may be made in the compensation of the office that applies to the current term of office.

How to reimburse 10% overpayment

Short term rentals

Phone in meetings

Taxpayment overage reimbursement limit.


Town Plan Commission:

Fire Department: McGuire

Ambulance: Stemwedel

Town Park/Campground: Smith

Playground: Isaksson

Roads: Fuller

Boat Parking and Launch: Isaksson

Transfer Station: Fuller

Cemetery: Fuller

Gym: Fuller

Bark Bay Slough: Steele

Future agenda:


* Towns may adopt an alternative claims procedure ordinance under Wis. Stat. § 60.44(2) that provides an expedited process for paying all or select types of bills. This ordinance delegates primary approval authority to the clerk and allows signed checks to be distributed by the treasurer before being approved by the town board. Clerks then present a monthly list of paid claims to the town board for approval after the fact.


Agenda prepared by the Town Chair


Notice and agenda posted by the Town Clerk on or before 7:00 PM Tuesday, January 11., 2022. Posting is at the Town Hall, Website, and Post Office.  Notice and agenda are also distributed by email.

The Town Hall is accessible to those persons with physical disabilities.  For assistance please contact the Town Office at 715-774-3780.


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