Municipality 04-014 Bayfield County, WI

Special Board Meeting Minutes 20180627 Town of Clover –

Special Meeting 

Minutes A Special Board Meeting is being called for March 19, 2020 at 5:00 pm in the Meeting Room of the Town of Clover Town Hall (the Historic Gym)

Agenda Call to order: 5:00pm Roll Call: Steele, by Phone Stemwedel, Rebak, Gillespey, Smith Absent: Isaksson, Morelli. Also Present: Shirley Nelson, Dale Fuller, Erin Sullivan, Tim Duis


Report: Pole Requirements for the April 7 election—Gillespey, Election is going forward as scheduled on April 7th 7am to 8pm, abiding by distance rules, and precautions (sanitizing, individual materials) will be taken to insure the safety of our poll workers and citizens.

Business: Government: Discussion/Likely Action related to the Transient Merchant permit(s) received to date. – Motion by: Stemwedel/sRebak to issue transient merchant permit to KR Kayaking ( Scott Kluver). Carried Unanimous.

COVID-19 Virus Response(s): Discussion/Likely Action related to: 

o Campground

o By Consensus to place notice on Website as to status of campground do to CORVID-19.

o Gymnasium o AS of now the gym will remain open, with a 9 person limitation per state and CDC recommendations.

o Other

o Motion by: Stemwedel/sSteele to have virtual meetings if allowed.

Future Agenda Items 

Motion to Adjourn 5:21 pm 

Minutes prepared by the Town Clerk Minutes are unofficial until approved by the Town of Clover Board.