Town of Clover
Notice of Caucus

The Town of Clover will hold a caucus on January 11th, 2020 at 10:00 AM for the purpose of nominating
candidates for two (2) Supervisor positions. These positions expire April 21, 2020. The Caucus will be
held at the Town Hall (the Historic Gym).
The incumbents for these positions are:

Sheryl Isaksson, Supervisor
Jack Smith, Supervisor

Nominations are made either from the floor and seconded or by paper nomination. If the number of
nominees for the two (2) Supervisor positions exceeds four (4) the caucus will need to vote until the
number of nominees for Supervisors is down to four (4).

The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:
Call to Order:
Roll Call:
Pledge of Allegiance
– Choose method of:
o Nominating candidates (can be either by motion made and seconded from the floor or
by writing names on a slip of paper distributed by the Clerk to the electors)
o Selecting persons for the ballot (again choice is either acclimation or paper ballot and
only needed if more than four (4) persons are nominated for the two (2) Supervisor
o Breaking Ties (can be either by drawing lots or conducting another vote—acclimation or
– Nominations:
o Supervisors
– Announcement that all names have been placed into nomination.
o If only four (4) people have been nominated for Supervisor no balloting is required and
the meeting is over
o If balloting is required:
–Electors may cast as many votes as there are seats to be filled for a position (2
votes for Supervisor)
–The candidates receiving the most votes shall be nominated and certified by the

Motion to Adjourn

Posted this day of the 2nd day of January 2020 by the Town of Clover Clerk. Posting is at the Town Hall
(The Gym), the Fire Hall and the Herbster Post office. Notice is also distributed via eMail.
The Town Hall is accessible to those persons with physical disabilities. For assistance please contact the Town Office at 715-774-3780.