TOC Board Meeting Minutes, June 9, 2021

      Town of Clover – Minutes

Regular Board Meeting

June 9, 2021 7:00 pm



Called to order at 7:00 PM

Roll Call: Present:  Steele, Gillespey, Isaksson,  Stemwedel, Fuller, Morelli, Absent Smith Also present Shirley Nelson, Cindy Lazorik, Lois Palmer, Patty Carpenter, Larry Bergquist, Guy McGuire.

Public Comments:


Minutes of May 12 Regular board meeting.

Minutes of May 18th Special board meeting and roads review.

Treasurer’s Report for May.

Expenditures: Motion by Steele/sFuller to approve Batch T-0609 Carried Unanimous.

Business: Discussion and action may occur on any of the following agenda items.

Set Open Book and Board of Review dates. Open Book Saturday July 24th 8-10 and Board of Review Saturday July 31 2021 from 10-Noon. By consensus.

Short term rental license renewal application for:

Luke Grosskreutz, property at 90530 Bark Point Road, Herbster, WI 54844.

Motion by: Steele/sFuller to approve STR license for Luke Grosskreutz 2021-2022. Carried Unanimous.

Brett and Ann Tully, properties at 14835 and 14845 Hultman Street, Herbster, WI 54844.

Motion by: Steele/sStemwedel to approve STR license  for Brett and Ann Tully 2021/2022.  Carried Unanimous.

Richard Glau, property at 86655 Lenawee Road, Herbster, WI 54844.

Motion by: Steele/sStemwedel to approve STR license for Richard Glau 2021/2022. Carried Unanimous

Request for special use permit for short term rental by Yuriko Vaughan for property at 89015 Bark Point Road, Herbster, WI 54844.

Motion by: Steele/sStemwedel to approve Class A special use for Yuriko Vaughan with TPC recommendations. Carried Unanimous.

Class B Liquor License renewal for Woody’s Food and Spirits.

Motion by: Stemwedel to approve Class B liquor license for Woody’s Food and Spirits. Carried Unanimous.

Operator’s License renewal for Tracy Gillespey.

Motion by: Stemwedel/sSteel to approve Operators license for Tracy Gillespey. Carried Unanimous.

Campground “Policies and Terms of Service” for Town of Clover campground to be used on website for online registration.

Motion by: Steele/sStemwedel to create adhoc committee for review and revise campground policies and terms of service, ( Stemwedel, Steele, Morelli) committee, and send results to town attorney for review approval contingent on lawyer review and approval. Carried Unanimous.


Reports:  (Please see: Announcements, Reports & Notes)

  • Town Planning Commission – June 2nd meeting findings for Class A
  • Fire Department: Work done on pumper sensor replacement; training done last month
  • Ambulance: Stemwedel report.6 calls.
  • Campground: Host coming July 1, reservation system being worked on. Job description changes.
  • Playground:
  • Roads:  Kessler road work almost done; Park Ave work needs to be done by next year.
  • Boat Parking: Isaksson  walkway brackets are done, framing almost, grating is on the way.
  • Transfer Station: Fuller Summer hours
  • Cemetery: Fuller  Kiosk almost complete
  • Gym. Fuller
  • Bark Bay Slough Steele
  • Future agenda items: Public comment will be heard in this regard under the three-minute rule.
  • Ambulance Non response charges
  • Gym Reopening
  • Campground host job description.

Motion to Adjourn by Steele/sFuller: 8:41pm

Minutes prepared by the Town Clerk

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* Towns may adopt an alternative claims procedure ordinance under Wis. Stat. § 60.44(2) that provides an expedited process for paying all or select types of bills. This ordinance delegates primary approval authority to the clerk and allows signed checks to be distributed by the treasurer before being approved by the town board. Clerks then present a monthly list of paid claims to the town board for approval after the fact.