TOC Special Meeting Minutes, May 18, 2021

Town of Clover – Special Meeting

A Special Board Meeting is being called for May 18th at 10:00am in the Town of Clover Town Hall (the Historic Gym)

Call to order: 9:03 am
Roll Call: Steele, Gillespey, Iskasson, Smith, Fuller, Absent Stemwedel, Morelli, also present Tim Nicoletti, Chris Martens

 Discussion only. Clarification as to Parliamentary Procedure used by TOC at its meetings.
 Discussion/Action related: to finance $22,700 for the purchase of used Diamond three-point
 boom mower through Security State Bank, Iron River, WI.
 Motion by: Steele/s Isaksson to Obtain a loan from Security State Bank for 22700.00 for a term of 2 years at a rate of 2.71 with an annual payment of 11,820.00 per year starting June 1st 2022 with loan approval by Security State Bank. Roll call vote: Fuller-yes, Steele-yes, Smith-yes,
Isaksson-yes Carried Unanimous.

 Roads Inspection.
 Roads for TOC Board to inspect on May 18, 2021 Lenawee Road:
 From Matthews Road to old gravel pit
 The two smaller culverts crossing Matthews Road will be replaced with one larger culvert.
Ditching will be done with backhoe where necessary and with grader where possible. Add new
gravel to complete the job. Some of the ditch silt can be hauled for fill at lift station 1.
 Bark River Road:
 At Pope property
 The culvert crossing BRR at Pope driveway will be lowered so that the ditch on the west side of
BRR can drain after being cleaned. Silt from the ditch will be staged on the side of the road until
it is dry enough to be incorporated into the roadbed. Apply new gravel to complete the job.
Purchase warning lights to warn drivers of the hazard. Purchase laser transit to use in place of
inefficient transit the town crew currently uses.
 At Sabo property with driveway permit in mind
 Location of proposed driveway does not meet the standard of visibility of 150 feet in either
direction. Other, safer options exist for the property owner. The board voted unanimously to
deny the driveway request for the proposed location.
 Kessler Road:
 Board looked at the work in progress.
 Cemetery Road:
 From Bark River Road to old dump (turn around at cemetery and return to BRR, turn north)Municipality 04-014 Bayfield County, WI Special Board Meeting Minutes 20210518
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 Ditch on south edge of road from Bark River Road going west is filled in. Grade gravel to center
of the road, then clean the ditch onto the roadbed using the grader, then grade the windrow of
gravel back onto the road. To the extent possible, repeat this process on the north side of the
road. Apply new gravel to complete the job. Some ditching needs to be done on the rest of the
graveled portion of Cemetery road, as well. If the town does not already have them, we will
 Bark Point Road from Leftys Road intersection, east to top of hill
 Install new culvert at Leftys Road to facilitate consistent drainage parallel to Bark Point Road.
Discussed pulverizing the blacktop on Bark Point Road from Hesse Road to the high point past
Leftys Road going NE when it fiscally prudent.

Motion to Adjourn 11:05am

Minutes prepared by the Town Clerk
Minutes are unofficial until approved by the Town of Clover Board