TOC Special Board Meeting Minutes, November 7, 2020

Town of Clover – Special Meeting  


A Special Board Meeting is being called for November 7, 2020 at 10:00am in the Gym of the Town of Clover Town Hall (the Historic Gym)


Call to order: 10:00am

Roll Call:  Beverly Steele, Sheryl  Isaksson, Barbara Rebak, Mary Agostine, Jack Smith, Chris Lehnert, Shirley Nelson, Dale Fuller, Dick Mueller, Tira Randall, Duane Brown, Keith Koenning, Patricia Murphy.


Saturday, November 7,  2020 at 10:00am, at the Town Hall of Town of Clover (Historic Gymnasium) a PUBLIC HEARING on the PROPOSED 2019 BUDGET of the Town of Clover in Bayfield County will be held.  The proposed budget in detail will be available for inspection at the town clerk’s office after October 20th (715)774-3780.

Question of 10 o/o increase for elected officials, approval thru Levy.

Motion to Adjourn  10:05am

Minutes prepared by the Town Clerk

Minutes are official  approved by the Town of Clover Board.