TOC Sanitary District Minutes, September 13, 2023

Town of Clover Sanitary District #1 – Meeting Minutes

Wednesday September 13, 2023, at 8:00 pm in the Meeting Room of the Town of Clover Town Hall (The Gym). 


Called to Order at 8:00 pm

Roll Call:  Steele, Rebak, Pope, Gillespey, Morelli, Mintzlaff Absent Smith, Felt

Approval of Minutes of:

  • August 9

Treasurer’s Report: August

 Expenditures: Motion to approve batch S-0913.  Motion to approve made by Pope/sSteele Carried Unanimous


  • Operations:
  • Raw Lab Reports: .
  • Metered Gallons:
    • August= gal
  • Rain Fall in inches: August= ”
  • Dump Station Reports:
    • Birch Street: July=126,265 gal, about 18,000 gal more than estimated (5,350 gal from outside the TOC boundaries, expect this to be the last from outside the TOC boundaries, unless special prior permission is granted for unusual circumstances by either the Secretary or President)
    • Birch Street: August estimate:  152,015 gal.  No outside dumps
    • #2 Septic Pumping & Excavating: 1,840 gal    No outside dumps

Business: (NOTE: Public Comments specific to any agenda item will be taken prior to the particular agenda item, these will be limited to 3 minutes per speaker.  Following this, the discussion will be limited to Elected Officials, unless an Elected Official requests specific information from a member of the Public)

Agenda Items for Next Month or Later:

  • Discussion/Likely Action related to Appendix A—Steele

Agenda Items for Next Month or Later:

Any Future Agenda Items

                Appendix A

                Motion to adjourn 8:05 pm


Minutes prepared by the Commission Secretary.

  • Minutes are unofficial until approved by the Commission.