TOC Sanitary District Meeting Minutes May 8, 2024

Town of Clover Sanitary District #1

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday,  May 8, 2024 to follow immediately after the Town Board Meeting, likely by 8:00 PM or later in the Meeting Room of the Town Hall/Historic Gymnasium. 

The public is invited to attend, you may walk at any time even though the door is closed—for heat conservation–, you will need to sign for the record, but there is no requirement to sign in separately if you wish to speak during the Public Comment Periods.  You may comment on anything that is not on the agenda during the General “Public Comments”.  You may comment on any specific Agenda Item prior to the Commissioners discussion.  All comments by a specific person will be limited to three (3) minutes.


Call to Order: 7:55  p.m.

Roll Call: Steele, Smith, Madison, Felt, Gillespey, Mintzlaff, Pope, absent Morelli, Pete Berton, Elizabeth Stevens

Public Comment:

Minutes of: (see Packets)

  • April

Treasurer’s Reports: (see Packets)

  • April

ExpendituresMotion to approve batch S-0508

Motion by: Pope/sSmith to approve batch S-0508

carried unanimous.


Reports:  See below for Reports


  • Discussion/Likely Action related to changes to the Employee Handbook 2nd to Non-Compliance Letter received from the DNR:–Steele
    • Procedure #20240508 Reporting Procedure for Unscheduled Spills or Bypass of Untreated Wastewater—Steele (see packets)
    • Procedure #20240508-2, Procedure for Communications both Internal and External including Disaster—Steele (see packets) Deffered
  • Coverage from the Town of Bell’s Sanitary District for Brad Balog (Chris Johnson) by consensus
  • Discussion/Perhaps Action related to review and update of CMOM Steps I-III—Steele (see packets)

Any Further Agenda Items for Next Month or Later:

  • Discussion/Likely Action related to Appendix A—Steele



  • All the required monthly inspection, testing and reports were completed for April including the monthly DNR Report.
  • Raw Lab Reports: Not available at this time
  • Dump Station Reports:
    • Birch Street: Not available at this time
    • #2: February:  Not available at this time
  • The Manhole that is a safety valve with a pipe of about 95’ 6” pipe leading out into the receiving pad of cell #1 became blocked. The Vacuum truck for Duluth came out and were unable to get their hose beyond the 90 degree angle as the manhole dumps down and out to the pad.  They suggested that the TOC thawing pump with its thin, long hose might be able to clear the blockage.  A 100’ hose was able to go into the dump pipe, but was not “long enough” to clear the blockage.  This hose was withdrawn and another 100’ of hose was attached.  This hose could not clear greater than 20’.  The plumber that worked on the Campground was contacted and does have a greater than 100’ roto-rutter.  They will come out May 6 and attempt to clear the blockage (perhaps a turtle).  Eric De Vincia of the DNR was contacted for 2 reasons:  to report the spill within the 1st 2 hours and to advise as to what could be done in the interim, while the manhole continues to spill, and while awaiting the roto-rutter.  He gave about 3 suggestions, among them was to dig a trench form the top of the manhole (“ant hill”) to Cell #1, so the spill will run into the pond.  This method of spill management was employed, a trench was dug, it was lined with plastic to minimize silt entering the pond and a 55 gal. drum was modified to act as a cap around the manhole top to direct the overflow from it into the trench.  The required online form was completed and submitted to the DNR within the 4 day window.
  • The process for dumping the ponds has begun with some new required lab samples being processed so that the DNR permission to dump is obtained. An Oxygen meter is being borrowed from the TOB SD as this is measuring dissolved oxygen is a new requirement. We will need to purchase an Oxygen meter, and Brad is in the process of discovering what is needed, where to obtain it, and the cost.


  • Motion to adjourn 8:35 p.m.


Minutes prepared by the Commission Deputy Secretary.

  • Minutes are unofficial until approved by the Commission.