TOC Plan Commission Minutes, February 7, 2023


Town of Clover Plan Commission

February 7, 2023, 7 pm

Historic Gym


Call to Order:  7 pm

Roll Call:  Pete Berton, James Stemwedel, Beverly Steel, Chris Lehnert (vice-chair); Keith Koenning (chair) absent.

Audience Attendance:  Mark Filonwich, Katherine Merrill, Lois Palmer




  • The 2022 TPC Annual Report was submitted to Town Chair Dale Fuller on January 2. The Report is posted on
  • The summary of the Comprehensive Plan Committee’s (CPC) public meeting on Coastal Resources was provided to TPC members with the agenda and is posted on
  • The Next CPC public meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 28, 6 to 7:30 pm at the Gym.


New Business


  • Class A Special Use Permit for grading more than 200 square feet within 1,000 feet of Lake Superior, for shoreline protection (riprap) in R-RB by Tina Kunshier and Michelle Hagman, Ervin Kraft, AMI Engineers, authorized agent.


Discussion occurred on how shoreline revampment can affect neighboring shorelines without protection.


Mr. Lehnert verified prior to the meeting that the DNR permit for Kunshier and Hagman, agent Ervin Kraft, AMI Engineers, was approved on 2/7/23.


Consensus recommendation to the Town Board:  This permit is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.  The Plan does not make specific reference to riprap but generally encourages single family housing and protection of the lakeshore. 


  • Class A Special Use Permit for one short-term rental in R-RB by Mary Agostine and Jack Smith.


Consensus recommendation to the Town Board:  Goals 1 and 10 of the Comprehensive Plan support recreational housing and tourism.  Approval with the following conditions to be on the County special use permit:  1) This permit is not transferable if the property is sold.  2) Prior to advertising and rental, the property owner must have a Wisconsin Tourist Rooming House License issued by the Bayfield County Health Department, and a Town of Clover annual short-term rental license.


Future Business:  None

Adjournment:  7:36 pm


Minutes prepare on 1/8/23 by Chris Lehnert and Keith Koenning.  Questions may be directed to Keith Koenning at Minutes are posted on the Town’s website,