TOC Plan Commission Meeting Minutes, May 2, 2023


Town of Clover Plan Commission

May 2, 2023 7 pm

Historic Gym


Call to Order:  6 pm

Roll Call:  Beverly Steele, Chris Lehnert (vice-chair), Keith Koenning (chair), Pete Berton (at 6:20 pm); James Stemwedel (absent)

Audience Attendance:  Thirty-five persons (sign in log available upon request from the chair)

Approval of Minutes:  April 4 meeting by consensus


The chair welcomed the attendees and introduced the Commission members.  By way of background information, he advised:  the Town Board appointed Commission is advisory to the Board.  The primary role of the Commission in the Town is to determine whether or not a proposed land use is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map.  As an advisory body the Commission does not follow Robert’s Rules of Order.  Discussion is encouraged.


Report on activities of the 2023-2043 Comprehensive Plan Committee:  The Plan Committee’s survey has been completed and the results will be on  The new Plan and Future Land Use Map will be available at a public session in June (likely June 9th at the Gym).  So far volunteers have contributed over 800 hours to the project.  The project is on target to be completed as scheduled by June 30.


New Business:

Petition for Zoning District Map Amendment for a parcel with Tax ID 35671 on Touve Rd to change zoning from A-1 to RR-B by Frank and Brenda Draft, agent Courtney Bryant, for a future campground/resort.

The chair advised that based on the contents of the Comprehensive Plan and the information on the petition it is his intention after audience comments and discussion to recommend that the Commission recommend against the rezoning petition.  The chair read the four points of his analysis and conclusion.


Audience comments:

The chair advised that he received two emails and two phone calls prior to the meeting in opposition to the petition.  At the meeting attorney Scott W. Clark hand delivered to the chair a copy of a letter dated May 2, 2023 addressed to the Town Board on behalf of the owners of an adjacent parcel opposing the petition for rezoning.

There were brief comments from the audience in opposition to the petition.  The chair asked if there were any audience members in favor of the petition.  None responded.  All audience members indicated opposition.  Attorney Clark asked if we could hear from the petitioner.  The chair asked if the petitioner was in the audience and there was no response.  The chair advised that he emailed a copy of the meeting agenda to the petitioner on April 26.

The chair asked if there were any further comments from commission members.  There were none and the Commission by consensus made the following recommendation to the Town Board:


Oppose the rezoning petition by Town Board resolution for the following reasons:

 The Town of Clover Future Land Use Map shows this property and all abutting property as A-1.  Rezoning to R-RB is inconsistent with the 2003-2023 Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map, adopted in Ordinance No. 9/16/03-1 on September 17, 2003.

  1. A rezoning of this parcel from A-1 to R-RB would be spot zoning. Spot zoning should occur only when the rezoning is in the public interest and not solely for the benefit of an individual property owner.
  2. The petitioner has indicated that the reason for the petition is for a “future campground/resort.” The Town of Clover Comprehensive Plan on pages 3-14 and 3-15 states: “Oppose additional developments of resorts, marinas, and golf courses.”  The rezoning and proposed land use is inconsistent with the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.
  3. A goal in the Comprehensive Plan on page 7-11 is to “Preserve and protect farmland and agricultural activities in the town.” Rezoning is inconsistent with the Town’s Comprehesive Plan.


Future Business:  None at this time.

Adjournment:  6:45 pm


 Minutes prepared on May 3, 2023 by the Plan Commission Chair, Keith Koenning, and questions may be directed to him at or 715-774-3475. Minutes are posted on the Town’s website,