TOC Meetings and Elections

Town of Clover

April 14, 2020


Hello Herbsterites,

We hope you are all safe and well during this season of social distancing and isolation.

Due to public health concerns, the Annual Town Meeting scheduled for April 21 is postponed until a date to be determined after the reopening of our ability to congregate. Public participation would be difficult when we need to keep social distance between us, and wearing masks is a good idea.

The most recent election held on April 7 proceeded in a safe and efficient manner. For that we would like to thank all who participated both in person and by absentee ballot.  ALL absentee ballots were returned well in advance of the deadline. Because of this prompt activity, the ballots were able to be counted prior to the deadline of April 13 at 4:00 pm.

We wish to thank Tracy Gillespey the Elections Officer, Lois Palmer, the chief inspector, Tim Duis, Beverly Steele, and Jodi Truchon for their time and talent in conducting the elections. Thanks to all the walk-in voters, the pole workers and Tracy for conducting a safe election by creating an environment for social distancing, protecting others by wearing masks, washing hands appropriately, keeping everything necessary sanitized, maintaining a one-way traffic flow and treating all with dignity. Thanks to Dan Hrdlicka for performing deep cleaning prior to the elections. Another important contributor to the safe environment was Chris Martins who designed and fabricated the shield for maintaining the signature sheets in a hands-off environment. We missed all those who usually serve as poll workers and are pleased that they considered their safety above placing themselves in harms way.  We look forward to the time when they can again take up their duties safely.

Of the 137 ballots cast in this election, 91 were cast as absentee ballots. You are strongly encouraged to use this convenient service in the upcoming election on May 12. Tracy Gillespey will be available by appointment. Please make appointments with her by emailing her at or by calling (715) 774-3780 and leaving a message. She will return your call. The appointment requirement is to keep you, as electors, safe by preventing more persons than can be accommodated by social distancing from congregating. She has demonstrated outstanding flexibility and will continue to do so. You can also utilize The instructions are listed at the bottom of this communique.

Please continue to practice “Safer at Home” behaviors. This does not prevent you from going outside. In fact, the order encourages you to get out and get some exercise, just maintain social distancing and keep your mask present for use when interacting with others. Remember that the mask protects other from you, but not you from them.

Please wear a mask when visiting public spaces where you come in close contact with others.


Stay safe,

Your Board of Supervisors

Instructions for using for absentee voting. NOTE: You must be a registered voter to utilize this site.

Follow the instructions on the website.  The website is self-guided and very easy to use.

Here is an outline of the instructions on the website:

  • Select “Vote Absentee.”
  • Enter your name and birthdate. Click “Search.” If you have registered to vote, your full name and address will appear.
  • It will ask you to update any change in name or address. If no change, click “Request Absentee Ballot.”
  • The next page will again ask to verify your address and ask if you want your ballot mailed to a different address (for example, a P.O. Box) and if you are an active military member. Answer the questions and click “Validate Address and Continue.”
  • The next page asks you to select each of the elections for the year or “All” for the year you wish to receive an absentee ballot. You then validate that you are a qualified elector. If so, click “Request Ballot”.
  • On the next page, you will be required to attach a copy of one of the approved forms of identification: A “new” Wisconsin Driver License, WI ID, Passport, or one of the other forms that are listed on the website. You can do this by taking a picture of your identification and sending the JPEG file by email to your computer. Then follow the website instructions and attach that file to your application.
  • If you are using a smartphone to access the website, the phone application will automatically open your camera to take a picture of your ID.
  • Alternatively, you can select “Download” to print a PDF of your ballot request, attach a copy of your form of ID, and email both to the Town Clerk, Tracy Gillespey at

In the event you wish to vote in person, the polls will be open as usual from 7 AM to 8 PM on election day May 12.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Town Clerk at or (715) 774-3780.

Town of Clover mailing address is:

Town of Clover

P.O. Box 94

Herbster, WI 54844


Happy Voting!