TOC Meeting Minutes May 8, 2024

Town of Clover – Minutes

Regular Board Meeting

May 8, 2024


Call to order: 7:00 pm

Roll Call: Present:  Steele, Madison, Smith, Felt, Pope, Gillespey, Mintzlaff, absent Morelli, Pete Berton, Elizabeth Stevens, Marshawn Pikus, Roger Pikus, Jane Hennesy, Frank, Hennesy, Lois Palmer, Mark Filonowich, Deanna Erickson, Dana Churness, Tom Wissing.

Pledge of Allegiance:

NOTE:  The Regular Town of Clover Meeting will be adjourned at or about 8:00 pm.  The Chair may reorder the agenda to accommodate the time limit.


  • Transfer Station now in summer hours–Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm and Wednesdays from 5:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Board of Review Meeting to adjourn to a later date will be held soon. Please check either the bulletin board in front of the Historic Gymnasium, the Post Office, or the TOC web site for the notice.
  • Cleanup at the Cemetery is complete, so feel free to place memorial decorations there anytime.
  • Memorial Day Activities, May 27 at 10:00am at the Herbster Cemetery
  • Road Review: June 20 @ noon, gather at the Historic Gymnasium


  • Reports: (Please see Reports below or distributed in the packets).

General Public Comment:

Review Minutes for additions, deletions &/or corrections: (see packets)

  • April 10, 2024
  • April 16 2024 special board meeting.

Treasurer’s Report for:

  • April

ExpendituresMotion to approve the expenditure Batch

  • T-0508
  • Motion by: to approve batch T-0508 by Pope/sFelt carried unanimously.

BUSINESS: (NOTE: Public Comments specific to any Main Heading, i.e. Government, Public Works etc. of the agenda will be taken prior to that agenda section, these will be limited to 3 minutes per speaker.  Following this, the discussion will be limited to Elected Officials (unless an Elected Official requests specific information from a member of the Public)

  • Government: Public Comment regarding any of the items in this section
    • Discussion/Likely Action related to:
      • Committee Appointments: Steele
        • TPC
          • Member appointment (3 year term) (replacing C. Lenhert who has asked to be replaced). Big thank you to  Chris Lenhert for his many years of valuable service including as Assistant Chairperson Deferred
        • Standing Friends of the Boat Launch Committee—Steele (please see Note #1 below) to change the terms from 3years to 6 years by concensus
      • Transient Merchant Permits: Steele
        • Trek & Trail

Motion by: Pope/sSmith to approve Trek and Trail Transient Merchant Permit for the year of 2024.  Carried unanimously.

  • Wilderness Inquiry

Motion by: Pope/sFelt to approve Wilderness Inquiry Transient Merchant Permit for the year of 2024.  Carried unanimously.

  • Lost Creek Adventures Deferred
  • Use of 2023 Budget Overage Funds—Steele (please see packets for 2023 fund overage)(please see Note #2 below)

Motion by: Felt/sPope to approve to put $32079.00 toward the loan for the grader.  Carried unanimously.

Motion by: Pope/sMadison to approve to put $8586.00 into a contingency fund for the purchase of a brush truck.  Carried unanimously.

  • Public Works: Public Comment regarding any of the items in this section
    • Discussion/Likely Action related to:
      • Purchase of a truck load of liquid Calcium Chloride for application to ~1 ½ miles of non-contiguous roadbed–Steele

Motion by: Pope/sFelt to approve the purchase of a truck load of Liquid Calcium Chloride for application of non-contiguous roadbed.  Carried unanimously.

  • Employee Handbook revision A to perhaps F to page 4, 5.6—Steele (see packets) Deferred
  • Hire outside firm to inventory culverts between 6’ and 19.999’ long—Steele (6 of them in TOC, net neutral, cash flow issue only)

Motion by: Pope/sFelt to approve the  hiring of an outside firm to inventory culverts between 6’ and 19.999’ long.  Carried unanimously.

  • Culture, Education and Recreation: Public Comment regarding any of the items in this section
    • Discussion/Likely Action related to
      • Grant Proposal for Bark Bay Slough Interpretative Signage—Steele/Churness (please see material in packets)
    • Future Agenda Items:
      • Discussion/Perhaps Action related to replacing BPR culverts between Hesse Road and Bowman west driveway, not including those on the hill plus the culvert going toward Bark Bay Road from BPR on Lefty’s Road that currently moves the drainage from the hill. Likely contingent upon 2025 Budget proposal


Note #1:  Resolution # 20200513-1, Amendment to Resolution 20200311-1, Establishing Standing Committee regarding Bark Point Boat Launch seems to establish 6 (six) year terms on an every 2 year rotation except for the Board Supervisor appointment, when present, that expires with each election cycle.  Thus the appointments made at the last Board Meeting, indicating appointment for 3 (three) year terms, likely needs to be amended to appoint for 6 (six) year terms

Note #2:  There is $40,475.00 expense under budget for 2023.  Of that there is $8,586.00 expense under budget for Public Safety.  There being a great need for a brush truck (current is 1978 and poor power), perhaps we could consider placing $8,586.00 into the contingency fund for the Brush Truck.  The Campground upgrades came in ~$20,000 expense under budget and Other Revenue Sources came in $8,164 expenses under budget.  Perhaps we could apply the remaining $32,079.00 to the Grader Loan, as it is currently a 4 year loan, and after 3 years the Current ~$91,000 expended on it for the final loan payment will not count toward road aids, thus the Town will likely not qualify for the full Road Aid Payment for the final 4th year.


  • Ambulance: Felt – 7 request, 3 transports, 1 mutual aid.
  • Fire Department: Felt – 1 call.
  • Health and Human Services:

Cemetery:  Steele – new Kiosk is completed and installed.  Cemetery has been cleaned up and flowers may be put on graves.  Map and listing of the graves are in the process of being completed.

  • Education Culture and Recreation:

Campground:  Smith – Campground is open.  The campground hosts have arrived.  The water was tested.  A sign was removed and flowers were planted but there is still some landscape projects to be completed.

Playground:  Steele – Playground equipment have been uncovered.

Boat Parking: Pope – Going to contact Iva Morelli about ordering no parking signs.  Drudging has been completed.  Docks and walkways are in.  Will be installing another collection box for the top of the parking lot.

Bark Bay Slough:  Pope – Dock is in.


                        Weight limits are still on.


  • Motion to Adjourn 7:55 p.m.


Minutes prepared by the Commission Deputy Secretary.

Minutes are unofficial until approval by the Commission.