TOC Board Meeting, January 10, 2024

Town of Clover – Meeting Notice

Board Meeting Agenda



When:  January 10, 2024 at 7:00 pm Where:  in the Meeting Room of the Town of Clover Town Hall/Historic Gymnasium.

NOTE:  feel free to come into the Meeting Room any time, the door may be closed to conserve heat.

The public is invited to attend, you may walk at any time even though the door is closed—for heat conservation–, you will need to sign for the record, but there is no requirement to sign in separately if you wish to speak during the Public Comment Periods.  You may comment on anything that is not on the agenda during the General “Public Comments”.  You may comment on any specific Agenda Item see the NOTE at “BUSINESS:” below.  All comments by a specific person will be limited to three (3) minutes.


Call to order:

Roll Call:

Pledge of Allegiance:

NOTE:  The Regular Town of Clover Meeting will be adjourned at or about 8:00 pm.  The Chair may reorder the agenda to accommodate the time limit.

Calendar:  Caucus:  Saturday, January 13, 2024 @ 10:45am in the Town Hall/Historic Gymnasium


Reports: (Please see Reports below this agenda for information and order of Reports).

General Public Comment:

Review Minutes for additions, deletions &/or corrections: (see packets)

  • December 13, 2023

Treasurer’s Report for:

  • December 2023

ExpendituresMotion to approve the expenditure Batch

  • T-0110

BUSINESS: (NOTE: Public Comments specific to any Main Heading, i.e. Government, Public Works etc. of the agenda will be taken prior to that agenda section, these will be limited to 3 minutes per speaker.  Following this, the discussion will be limited to Elected Officials (unless an Elected Official requests specific information from a member of the Public)

  • Government: Public Comment regarding any of the items in this section
  • Discussion/Likely Action related to List of Poll Workers for 2024
  • Discussion/Likely Action related to designation other than the Chairperson of the authority to issue citations—Steele (See NOTE #1 below)
    • Discussion Only: related to a Policy on the use of remote meeting technology (including phones)—Steele (see packets for information)
  • Public Works: Public Comment regarding any of the items in this section
    • Discussion/Likely Action related to Revised Ordinance 20240110—Amended Ordinance adding required signage for Seasonal Weight Limits (Amending Ordinance 20170913-2)–Steele
  • Culture, Education and Recreation: Public Comment regarding any of the items in this section
    • Discussion/Likely Action related to Campground Reservation Items– Smith/Morelli i.ei:
      • Reservation System Needs: (among the possible items are the following)
        • Bank Account
        • Electronic system/equipment for maintaining (likely cell phone)


  • Future Agenda Items:
    • Discussion/Perhaps Action related to replacing BPR culverts between Hesse Road and Bowman west driveway, not including those on the hill (as any of these are being replaced with TRI) plus the culvert going toward Bark Bay Road from BPR on Lefty’s Road that currently moves the drainage from the hill
    • Discussion/Likely Action related to Guidelines #XXXXXX, Property Owner application of Calcium Chloride to roadway adjacent to or transiting through the property


  • Motion to Adjourn


Agenda prepared by the Town Chair.  Notice and agenda posted by the Clerk on or before 7:00 PM Tuesday, January 9, 2024.  Posting is at the Town Hall, Post Office and Town Website.  Notice and agenda are also distributed via email.

The Town Hall is accessible to those persons with physical disabilities.  For assistance please contact the Town Office at 715-774-3780.



  • Note #1: Section IV, B. & C. of Ordinance 201712-3, Citation Ordinance reads:
    • Town of Clover citations may be issued by the Town Chair.  The Town chair, by approval of the Town Board, may designate another Town employee to issue such citations for the Town of Clover.
    • The Town of Clover Town Board has designated the Town Chair or any person granted authority to issue citations, to serve such citations for the Tow o f Clover upon issuance.
    • Both Mark Pope, Supervisor, and the Town Attorney are the persons being set forward by the Town Chair to the Town Board as the person to be granted authority by the Town Board to issue Citations and serve such citation for the Town of Clover upon issuance.





Oral Reports to be given prior to Business in the order of the Meeting Agenda

  • Government:
    • Town Planning Commission: Koenning—Cancelled due to lack of agenda items
    • Town Hall/Historic Gymnasium: Steele
      • Gym Users: PLEASE change into gym shoes prior to using the gym.  PLEASE put the equipment away after use.  There have been some mornings when the Town Officials have come in and found balls lying around on the floor or stage, and the pickle ball net has not been returned to its carrier.  There is no employee available to pick up after your use.  There is no fee for use of the gym.  You are responsible for picking up after your use.
      • The 2024 Gym Use Calendar is now posted on the Southeast corner of the Main Entry Lobby. Users may sign up for use at times not already taken.
    • Requests for “public records”: The Wisconsin Towns Association Magazine for January 2024 on p24 has a response form Jake Langenhahn, Outreach Specialist to an inquiry regarding requests for “public records”.  It reads as follows:  “While a “public records request” application can help gather information from the requester, a town/village cannot require the requester complete an application to request access or make/receive copies of records.”
  • Public Safety: NOTE:  The Town is in need of emergency personnel for both the Herbster Volunteer Fire Department (HVFD) and the South Shore Area Ambulance (SSAA).  Please consider becoming a Volunteer to protect your property and health in the Town(s) by joining either the HVFD, or the SSAA or both.  These little Towns depend on volunteer emergency services.  Unlike in the city (places most of the new residents have resettled from) there is no one sitting in either the Fire or Ambulance Halls awaiting calls.  Contact the Town Office (715)774-3780 and leave a message or email and someone will put you in touch with either the Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief or the Director of the SSAA.
    • Fire Department: Felt
      • SAMS Approval is finally complete. Thankyou Guy (Frank) McGuire, Fire Chief for your persistence in shepherding this important approval to the end.
    • Ambulance: Felt/Steele
      • The Ad Hoc Committee on Bayfield County Ambulance Services is being reinstated. The Committee’s charge is to look at the issue of a very small active group of volunteer EMTs in any of the County’s Ambulance Services and propose solutions to this problem. This may include restructuring the County’s Ambulance Services.  Steele was an alternate member of the Committee and has agreed to continue as either an alternate or as a regular member.  She did state that it would be preferable if Jeff Byerhoff, Director, SSAA become a regular member of the Committee. F/U: The Town has not yet heard if any member of the Town or SSAA will be present on this important Ad Hoc Committee
      • Report of requests for service from SSAA for the Month of December, 2023 submitted by Jeff Byerhof, Director—Sent Happy New Year Wishes
        • Bell – 0 Orienta – 1      Clover – 1       Port Wing – 4
        • Mutual-aid to Iron River EMS – 1
      • Report of types of requests for SSAA for the Month of December, 2023
        • Transports – 2 No Transport – 2 Fire Standby – 2
        • Canceled Enroute – 1
      • Public Works:
        • Roads: Steele
          • Road Maintenance: (thru December 15, 2023)
            • Cold Pack Potholes: Bark Point Road=Multiple; Lenawee Road=1
            • Culvert Replacement: Busche Town Road=1
            • Culvert Rehab: Buckley Road=1; Battle Axe (FR 246)=1; Cranberry River Road=1
            • Ditch Cleaned: Bark Point Road=1
            • Ditched: Bark Bay Road=1; Bark River Road=2; Boundary Road=1; Busche Town Road=1; Campbell Road=1; Clover/Cemetery Road=2; Lenawee Road (FR 262)=3
            • Graded: Bark Bay Road=8; Bark Bay Slough Road=2; Bark Point Road—east end=4; Bark Point Landing Road=1; Bark River Road=21; Battle Axe (FR 246)=4; Beeksma Road=2; Boundary Road (FR 439)=2; Buckley Road=2; Busche Town Road=3; Campbell Road=8; Clover/Cemetery Road=5; Cranberry River Road=1; Deer Yard Road=1; Deswert Road=2; Didier Road=2; Gray Road=1; Hesse Road=5; Kleinhans Road=2; Lefty’s Road=7; Lenawee Road (FR 262)=18; Lenawee Tower Road (FR 424)=1; Looseasagoose Road=2; Makiewicz Road=1; Makowski Road=2; Matthews Road=2; McInnerney Road=1; Nicoletti Road=2; Old Puig Road=2; Old State Highway 13=4; Sand Trap Road (FR 683)=6; Seven Mile Road (FR 433)=4; Shortcut Road=3; Spruce Tree Drive=1; Swedlund Road=3; Touve Road=5
            • Graveled: Touve Road=1
            • Graveled Rehab: Battleaxe (FR 246)=1; Bell/Clover Line Road=2; Cranberry River Road=2 (NOTE:  The latter 2 Roads were worked on 2xs each to complete Rehab)
            • Mowed Ditch: Bark Bay Road=3; Bark Bay Slough Road=3; Bark Point Road=4; Bark Point Landing Road=3; Bark River Road=6; Beeksma Road=4; Bell/Clover Line Road=3; Boundary Avenue=3; Bratley Road=3; Buckly Road=3; Busche Town Road=4; Campbell Road=4; Clover/Cemetery Road=4; Clover Gravel Pit Road=3; Cranberry River road=3; Deer Yard Road=4; Deswert Road-3; Didier Road=3; Dingman Road=3; Frontage Road=3; Gray Road=3; Half Mile Road=4; Hesse Road=3; Hultman Street=3; Kessler Road=3; Kleinhans Road=3; Lake Avenue=3; Left’s Road=3; Lenawee Road (FR 262)=2; Looseasagoose Road=3; Makiewicz Road=4; Makowski Road=4; Matthews Road=3; McInerney Road=3; Nicoletti Road=3; Old Puig Road=3; Old Road=3; Old School Road=3; Old State Highway 13=3; Park Avenue=3; Shortcut Road=4; Spruce Tree Drive=3; Swedlund Road=3; Touve Road=4; Wee Avenue=3; Webber’s Road=3; Willow Street=3
            • Mowed Easement: Bark Bay Road=5; Bark Bay Slough Road=5; Bark Point Road=5; Bark Point Landing Road=5; Bark River Road=7; Beeksma Road=5; Bell/Clover Line Road=5; Boundary Avenue=5; Bratley Road=5; Buckly Road=5; Busche Town Road=7; Campbell Road=5; Clover/Cemetery Road=6; Clover Gravel Pit Road=5; Cranberry River Road=5; Deer Yard Road=5; Deswert Road=6; Didier Road=6; Dingman Road=5; Frontage Road=5; Gray Road=5; Half Mile Road=5; Hesse Road=5; Hultman Street=5; Kessler Road=5; Kleinhans Road=6; Lake Avenue=5; Left’s Road=5; Lenawee Road (FR 262)=1; Looseasagoose Road=6; Makiewicz Road=6; Makowski Road=6; Matthews Road=5; McInerney Road=5; Nicoletti Road=5; Old Puig Road=5; Old Road=5; Old School Road=5; Old State Highway 13=6; Park Avenue=5; Shortcut Road=5; Spruce Tree Drive=5; Swedlund Road=6; Touve Road=6; Wee Avenue=5; Webber’s Road=5; Willow Street=5
            • Plowed/Salt & Sand: Bark Bay Road=52; Bark Bay Slough Road=53; Bark Point Road=53; Bark Point Landing Road=53; Bark River Road=53; Battleaxe (FR 246)=1; Beeksma Road=53; Bell/Clover Line Road=53; Blueberry Road (FR 692)=1; Boundary Avenue=53; Boundary Road (FR 439)=1; Bratley Road=53; Brinks Road (FR 236)=1; Buckly Road=53; Busche Town Road=23; Campbell Road=53; Clover/Cemetery Road=53; Clover Gravel Pit Road=53; Cranberry River Road=53; Deer Yard Road=53; Deswert Road=53; Didier Road=53; Dingman Road=53; Frontage Road=53; Gray Road=53; Half Mile Road=53; Hesse Road=53; Horseshoe Lake Road (FR 427)=1; Hultman Street=53; Kessler Road=53; Kleinhans Road=53; Lake Avenue=53; Left’s Road=53; Lenawee Road (FR 262)=1; Lenawee Tower Road (FR 424)=1; Looseasagoose Road=53; Makiewicz Road=53; Makowski Road=53; Matthews Road=53; McInerney Road=53; Nicoletti Road=53; Old Puig Road=53; Old Road=53; Old School Road=53; Old State Highway 13=53; Park Avenue=53; Sand Trap Road (FR 683)=1;  Seven Mile Road (FR 433)=79 (to Bratley Road) (going East from Bratley Road=1;  Shortcut Road=53; Spruce Tree Drive=53; Swedlund Road=53; Touve Road=53; Wee Avenue=53; Webber’s Road=53; Willow Street=53
            • Road Petrol: Bark Bay Road=79; Bark Bay Slough Road=79; Bark Point Road=79; Bark Point Landing Road=79; Bark River Road=79; Battleaxe (FR 246)=4; Beeksma Road=79; Bell/Clover Line Road=79; Blueberry Road (FR 692)=4; Boundary Avenue=79; Boundary Road (FR 439)=4; Bratley Road=79; Brinks Road (FR 236)=4; Buckly Road=79; Busche Town Road=79; Campbell Road=79; Clover/Cemetery Road=79; Clover Gravel Pit Road=79; Cranberry River Road=79; Deer Yard Road=79; Deswert Road=79; Didier Road=79; Dingman Road=79; Frontage Road=79; Gray Road=79; Half Mile Road=79; Hesse Road=79; Horseshoe Lake Road (FR 427)=4; Hultman Street=79; Kessler Road=79; Kleinhans Road=79; Lake Avenue=79; Left’s Road=79; Lenawee Road (FR 262)=4(South of Seven Mile Road & 84 North of Seven Mile Road); Lenawee Tower Road (FR 424)=4; Looseasagoose Road=79; Makiewicz Road=79; Makowski Road=79; Matthews Road=79; McInerney Road=79; Nicoletti Road=79; Old Puig Road=80; Old Road=80; Old School Road=80; Old State Highway 13=80; Park Avenue=80; Sand Trap Road (FR 683)=4;  Seven Mile Road (FR 433)=4;  Shortcut Road=80; Spruce Tree Drive=80; Swedlund Road=80; Touve Road=80; Wee Avenue=80; Webber’s Road=80; Willow Street=80
            • Spot Graveled: Bark Point Landing Road=1; Bark River Road=7; Battleaxe (FR 246)=1; Blueberry Road (FR 692)=1; Boundary Avenue=1; Boundary Road (FR 439)=2; Brinks Road (FR 236)=1; Buckly Road=2; Busche Town Road=2; Campbell Road=8; Clover/Cemetery Road=1; Horseshoe Lake Road (FR 427)=1; Kleinhans Road=2; Left’s Road=1; Lenawee Road (FR 262)=10; Lenawee Tower Road (FR 424)=1; Looseasagoose Road=1; Nicoletti Road=1; Sand Trap Road (FR 683)=1;  Seven Mile Road (FR 433)=4; Spruce Tree Drive=2
            • Tree Removal: Bark Bay Road=2; Bark Bay Slough Road=3; Bark Point Road=4; Bark Point Landing Road=1; Bark River Road=5; Battleaxe (FR 246)=1; Beeksma Road=1; Bell/Clover Line Road=1; Blueberry Road (FR 692)=1; Boundary Avenue=1; Boundary Road (FR 439)=1; Bratley Road=1; Buckly Road=2; Busche Town Road=3; Campbell Road=5; Clover/Cemetery Road=2; Clover Gravel Pit Road=1; Cranberry River Road=1; Deer Yard Road=2; Deswert Road=2; Didier Road=1; Dingman Road=1; Frontage Road=1; Gray Road=1; Half Mile Road=1; Hesse Road=2; Hultman Street=1; Kessler Road=1; Kleinhans Road=1; Lake Avenue=1; Left’s Road=1; Lenawee Road (FR 262)=4; Lenawee Tower Road (FR 424)=1; Looseasagoose Road=1; Makiewicz Road=1; Makowski Road=1; Matthews Road=1; McInerney Road=1; Nicoletti Road=1; Old Puig Road=2; Old Road=1; Old School Road=1; Old State Highway 13=8; Park Avenue=2; Sand Trap Road (FR 683)=1; Seven Mile Road (FR 433)=1;  Shortcut Road=3; Spruce Tree Drive=1; Swedlund Road=3; Touve Road=1; Wee Avenue=1; Webber’s Road=1; Willow Street=1
            • Haul Sand, Debris, Rock: Sand Trap Road=1
          • Equipment Maintenance Events by Crew
            • Coordinate &/or Plan=54
            • Office Work=7
            • Boom Mower=21
            • 06 Dump Truck=32
            • 08 Pickup=2
            • 19 Dump Truck=26
            • Back Hoe=1 + warrantee work
            • Compressor=1
            • Grader=49
            • Leveler=4
            • Mower=4
            • Shop=83
            • Steamer=1
            • Old Trailer=0
            • 16 Trailer=0
            • Tractor=35
          • Equipment Use
            • 06 Dump Truck=48
            • 08 Pickup=43
            • 19 Dump Truck=63
            • Back Hoe=59
            • Grader=77
            • Leveler of I-Beam=7
            • Tractor=29


  • The Town has a contract with Lund Engineering for the Bark Point Road rebuild from Hesse Road northeast to the West driveway to the Boman Property.
    • Lund Engineering submitted grant requests for TRI funding:
      • The 3rd iteration of the TRI was submitted to add a culvert under the portion of Bark Point Road from which the pavement was removed due to floating black top. Ditching, and a strong base would be added plus this portion of the road would receive blacktop.  It appears that this iteration is satisfactory to the DOT, however a final decision on which requests receive funding is not made until January 15 by the DOT.
    • Cold Patch for repairing potholes on the paved town roads is present. It is believed that with spring thaw, the gravel in the large pothole on Bark Point Road on the south side, west end of Doyle property will be easily removable and cold patch will replace the gravel.
  • Discussion is underway regarding landing pads on both sides of the intersection with State Hwy 13 for a crosswalk at the intersection of State Highway 13 and Lenawee Road/Bark Point Road. Once the landing pad obstacle is overcome, the project can likely move forward, as there would be is a pathway from the intersection to both the Playground and Campground.
  • Awaiting further progress from Ben Dufford, Director, Bayfield County Land & Water Conservation Department re Campbell Road replacement Culvert
  • Ad Hoc Committee for ATV/UTV & Snowmobile use on TOC Roads. Next Meeting January 17.  Watch for Notice of Agenda.
  • Transfer Station: Steele
    • The Contract with Waste Management was revised to have only one trash dumpster dumped per week without at least a 24 hour notice. There will need to be a request for dumping both trash dumpsters prior to reinstating this service for the summer.  The main Transfer Station Attendant will make this request in a timely manner.  This change will likely save the Town over $600/mo during the winter hours.  Many thanks to Tom Wissing for discovering this anonomily.
  • Health & Human Services:
    • Cemetery: Rebak
  • Education, Culture, and Recreation:
    • Campground: Smith
    • Play Ground: Rebak
    • Boat Parking: Pope
    • Bark Bay Slough: Pope
      • Still needed: Ryan Magna of DNR called regarding non-permitted water craft stored at Slough (concern is for Spit Residents to have room for their water crafts—this is their car and driveway to get to cabins on spit) follow up—Steele still needs to write letters to the owners of cabins on the Spit.