Sanitary District Ordinance #20210414-1, Sewer Use Ordinance, Section V.C.3 Amendment

Town of Clover

Sanitary District

Ordinance #20210414-1, Amendment to Ordinance #20150310-1, Sewer Use Ordinance, Section V. C. 3.


The purpose of this Amendment is to enhance the known details of the Collection System by adding a WYE Location Record for each property that connects to the main from this time forward.  Historically, when the system was developed, there are such WYE Location Records for all improved properties that supported human habitation.  These WYE Location Records had names of property owners written on them to identify a given WYE Location Record with a given property.  Specific information was given that identified connection to the main with a specific manhole including distance and direction from the main.  The Operators are in the process of connecting names on WYE Location Records to tax ID numbers so that now and in the future the information will be associated with a stable ID.  Properties connected since the initial connections have no such WYE Location Record.

Therefore, be it Ordained that this amendment become Section V. C. 3. And that subsequent items in Section V. be renumbered.  Thus, the newly added Section V. C. 3. reads as follows:  With each new connection from this date forward the plumber will complete the WYE Location Record to be filed with the previous WYE Location Records, and

Be it Further Ordained the remainder of Section V. C. read as follows:

  1. All costs of installation and connection to the public sewer system shall be borne by the property owner.


  1. Excavation:

a.  Opening of the streets for tapping the pipes is prohibited when the ground is frozen.

b.  In making excavation in streets or highways for laying service pipe or making repairs, the paving and earth removal must be deposited in a manner that will occasion the least inconvenience to the public.

c.  No person shall leave any such excavation made in any street or highway open at any time without barricades, and during periods of darkness, warning lights must be maintained at such excavations.

d. In refilling the opening after the service pipes are laid, the earth must be laid in layers of not more than nine inches in depth, and each layer thoroughly compacted to prevent settling. This work together with the replacing of ballast and paving must be done so as to leave the street in as good repair, as before it was disturbed, and satisfactory to the District Commission.


  1. Tapping the Main

a.  No person, except those having special permission from the District Commission, shall be permitted under any circumstance to tap the main or collection pipes.

b.  The kind and size of the connection with the main or collection pipe shall be only that specified in the permit or order from the District Commission.

c.  Pipes shall always be tapped on the top-half and not within six inches (15 cm) of the joint or within 24 inches (60 cm) of another lateral connection.


This Amendment to the Ordinance shall be in effect from April 14, 2021.


Adopted this 14th day of April, 2021.

Beverly Steele, President                                  Sheryl Isaksson, Commissioner

Barb Rebak, Commissioner                              Jack Smith, Commissioner

Patti Stemwedel, Commissioner


Attested to by Tracy Gillespey, Secreta

Created:  4/14/21

Ordinance #20210414-1 Amendment to Ordinance #20150310-1, Sewer Use Ordinance, Section V. C. 3.