Ordinance #06/12/96, Business License

Town of Clover

 Ordinance #06/12/96, Maintaining a Business License in the Town of Clover,

Bayfield County, Wisconsin



It shall be a condition of maintaining and keeping a license in this town, that the licensee continue in business. Issuance of, or retention of, a license by a party not doing business, is hereby declared to be against public policy, and lacking in usefulness.

“Business continuation” is hereby defined to be: open at least 1 calendar week per month in at least 6 months per calendar year. Any variance from this definition must be approved by the town board.

In the event any licensed party violates this ordinance, disciplinary action may be taken by the town board, including reprimand, suspension of the license for a specified number of days (up to 90 days), or revocation of the license. Any license that has been revoked shall not be reinstated within the following 6 months. Any disciplinary action taken shall follow notice to the licensee prior to a hearing. Both the hearing notice, which will include the reason for the hearing, and the decision of the board, will be sent by first class mail to the last known address of the licensee, or personally served, at the option of the town chairperson.

In the event disciplinary is taken against an alcohol licensee, the state procedure mandated under Wisconsin Statute 125.12, or its successor, will be followed. At present, said procedure requires personal service of the hearing notice (summons) and complaint, and a hearing within 3 to 10 days thereafter.

There shall be no refund of any license fee paid to a party whose license is revoked.

In lieu of a hearing, the town board may accept surrender of the license, and the board shall then determine the time period before another application for the same type of license will be accepted from the former licensee.

Evidence and testimony at the hearing shall be done in open session. Pursuant to 19.85 (1) (a), the board may go into closed session to deliberate with regard to its decision, where that possibility has been listed on the hearing notice posted or published. The Clerk shall see that the hearing notice is posted or published, in format acceptable to the chairperson.

SEVERABILITY   In the event any portion of this ordinance is or become invalid or illegal, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.

EFFECT   This ordinance shall take effect following passage, and posting in three public places by the clerk on August 1, 1996.

Passed on June 12, 1996

Vote for: 3   against: 0


Cecil Kavajecz, Chairperson

Mark Pope, Supervisor

Gordon Igo, Supervisor


Posted on 7/13/19

Posted at: 3 usual town locations


Gary L. Edwards, Clerk