TOC Board Meeting Agenda, October 9, 2019

Town of Clover – Meeting Notice Board Meeting ~ October 9, 2019 at 7:00 pm in the Meeting Room of the Town of Clover Town Hall (The Gym).

TC 20191009 Board Meeting Agenda Only

NOTE: feel free to come in to the Meeting Room any time, the door may be closed to conserve heat.

The public is invited to attend, you may walk at any time even though the door is closed—for heat conservation–, you will need to sign for the record, but there is no requirement to sign in separately if you wish to speak to any item.   You will be limited to three (3) minutes during Public

Comment. You will not be limited to a three (3) minute time if responding to a particular agenda item during the discussion regarding that item. Should it seem the point of your speaking is not evident, you may be asked to clarify what your purpose is. Should it seem to the Chair that the same points are being repeated without additional information; the Chair will interrupt and list the points that have been heard to check that our hearing is accurate and asked if there are further points to be made.

NOTE: The packets will be available to the public 1/2 hour prior to the meeting (that is 6:30pm).


Call to order: Roll Call:

NOTE: The Regular Town of Clover Meeting will be adjourned at 8:00 pm unless there is a motion to extend the meeting some stated amount by 8:00 pm. The Chair may reorder the agenda to accommodate the time limit. Public Comment:

Review of Minutes with any corrections: (see packets)

–       September 11

Treasurer’s Report for:

–       September

Expenditures: Motion to approve the expenditure Batch

–       T-1009


–       Public Hearing & Special Town Meeting of Electors to set the Levy November 2 from 10:00am in the

Town Hall

–       Transfer Station: Winter hours are in effect (Saturdays only, 9:00am to 1:00pm) outside the Town Garage

–       South Shore Senior Meal Program: every Tuesday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at Bear Paw.

–       Golden Shoes: Every Monday & Thursday from 10:00am to 11:00am at the gym

–       261 Fearless: Every Wednesday from 5:00pm to 6:00pm at the gym

–       Dominos: Every other Wednesday in the meeting room from 1:00pm to 4:00pm next, Wednesday, October 16

–       Pickle Ball: Every Thursday at the Gym or Corny Tennis Courts from 3:00pm to 5:00pm (beginners @


Announcements: (Please see Announcements below the agenda for further Announcements)

–       Remove all placed items from the Cemetery by November 3, the winter cleaning will be the 1st week of


–       Boom Mowing of the ditches is coming anytime in the next couple of months. This is the mower with a

long arm that reaches the full depth and width of the ditch. All shrubs and trees will be mowed. This is to keep the ditches functioning to remove the water from harming the roadbeds. The water is not moving away from most roadbeds at the present time. Please remove all personal items from the ditches. The boom mower will likely harm them if they remain.

–       Gym lot: The Gym parking lot is the preferred helicopter landing site. If parking your car and leaving the

Gym area, please park your car on Wee Avenue.

–       Gym Users: PLEASE change into gym shoes prior to using the gym.  PLEASE put the equipment away

after use. Assure ALL faucets are turned off.   There have been some mornings when the Town Officials have come in and found balls lying around on the floor or stage, and the pickle ball net has not been returned to its carrier. There is no employee available to pick up after your use. There is no fee for use of the gym. You are responsible for picking up after your use.

Reports: (Please see Reports below this agenda for anything further regarding the Reports).

–       Town Planning Commission: No Meeting secondary to lack of quorum–Koenning

–       Fire Department: Rebak (see packets)

–       Ambulance: Stemwedel (see packets)

–       Town Park/Campground including ADA Compliant restroom & shower update (see agenda item related to contract): Smith

–       Play Ground: Isaksson

–       Roads including BPR & Park Ave Updates: Steele

–       Boat Parking: Isaksson

–       Transfer Station: Steele (see announcement above)

–       Cemetery: Rebak

–       Gym: Steele

–       Bark Bay Slough: Steele

–       WTA Meeting in Cable re: Public Comments–Steele

–       Task Forces:

Large Pavilion–Rebak

Ordinance Review: Ongoing–Steele

Upkeep of Historic Gym kitchen, likely annual cleaning: TBD

Recommend Actions regarding attracting tourists: TBD


–       Government:

Discussion/Likely Action: related to Caucus Date: (must be not later than January 21 and not earlier than January 1)

Discussion/Possible Action (s):  related to issues regarding Public Comments and Agendas– Steele

–       SSAA: Discussion/Likely Action: related to the Board selecting a Director (Select from candidates)—


–       Parks and Recreation:

Discussion Likely Action: related to opening the bids for Campground firewood.

Discussion/Likely Action: related to the Large Pavilion–Rebak

–       Future Agenda Items:

Large Pavilion:

§ Campsites around Large Pavilion



Coverage Agreement follow-up

§ Charging for non-transport calls

–       Motion to Adjourn

Agenda prepared by the Town Chair

Notice and agenda posted by the Clerk on or before 7:00 PM Tuesday, October 8, 2019. Posting is at the Town Hall, Fire Hall and Post Office.  Notice and agenda are also distributed via email. Other Announcements and Reports to follow.

The Town Hall is accessible to those persons with physical disabilities. For assistance please contact the Town Office at 715-774-3780.




Announcements, Reports and Notes:


South Shore Senior Meal Program:  The Senior Dining site is at the Bear Paw Restaurant at 8805 State Hwy. 13 in Port Wing every Tuesday from 2:00 Pm to 4 PM.  All seniors 60+ are welcome regardless of your ability to donate.  Recommended donation is $4.00 per meal.  Donations are confidential.  Meal cost is paid by the Bayfield County Senior Nutrition program.

Good nutrition is critical to good health-no matter what your age. Studies show that the right diet and adequate intake are especially important for older people and that poor nutrition is the biggest threat to an older adult’s independence.  Wisconsin’s Elderly Nutrition Program is a step in that direction.  The program offers tasty, nutritious meals to anyone age 60 and older along with a chance to socialize with friends.



Town Planning Commission:  –-K. Koenning (No agenda items for urgent agenda items for September, no Meeting or Minutes secondary to lack of a quorum)

HVFD:  Rebak (for Minutes & Treasurer’s Report(s) of the Volunteer Fund–see packet)

SSAA:  Stemwedel (for Minutes & Treasurer’s Report(s) of the Volunteer Fund–see packet)

Town Park/Campground:  Smith

  • Gates for Fencing around Dumpster: Will likely be completed prior to May 15, 2020
  • Work Orders awaiting completion:
    • Building and installing board walk and stairs for entry to the beach across from the large Pavilion secondary to the October 2017 storm.
    • New campsite signs where lost by storm
    • Stakes are refined and Rope is present for replacing barrier between campsites and erosion protection areas
    • ADA compliant restroom including shower in the process of being designed—will likely be completed prior to May 15, 2020. NOTE:  Just one (1) complaint to the ADA from a person with a disability regarding the lack of accessible restroom and shower facility could close the entire campground.
  • Large Pavilion: A Task Force was formed composed of the following people:  Barb Rebak (Board representative and Chairperson), Pete Burton, (Town Planning Commission representative), Shirley Nelson, (HCC Governing Body representative), Jim Reha and Dan Hrdlicka (at large representatives).  The Task Force is to submit a minimum of two (2) proposals with costs, as well as the pros and cons of each solution to the Board not later than October 8.
  • Roads Report:
  • Road Maintenance
    • Cleaned Culverts: Bark Point Road=9 x’s; Hesse Road=2 x’s; Lenawee Road=5 x’s; Matthews Road=6 x’s; McInerney Road=6 x’s; Old School Road=5 x’s 
    • Culvert Rehab: Bark River Road=1; Bark River Road=1; Buckley Road=1; Clover/Cemetery Road=2; Lenawee Road=3
    • Culvert Replacement: Campbell Road=1; Mathews Road=1; Old Hwy 13=1
    • Cleaned Ditches: Bark Bay Road=8; Bark Point Road=7; Bark River Road=6; Battle Axe (FR 246)=1; Beeksma Road=1; Boundary Ave=6; Bratley Road=1; Buckley Road=8; Busche Town Road=6; Campbell Road=6; Clover Cemetery Road=5; Cranberry River Road=2; Deer Yard Road=1; Deswert Road=2; Didier Road=1; Dingman Road=6; Frontage Road=1;Gray Road=6; Hesse Road=11; Hultman Street=6; Kessler Road=2; Kleinhans Road=2; Lake Avenue=6; Leftys Road=5; Lenawee (FR 262)=8; Loosasagoose Road=1; Makiewicz Road=1; Makowski Road=1; Matthews Road=3; McInerney Road=3;  Nicoletti Road=6; Old Puig Road=1; Old School Road=6; Old St. Hwy 13=10; Park Avenue=1; Sand Trap Road (FR 683)=1; Seven Mile Road (FR 433)=1; Shortcut Road=2; Spruce Tree Drive=5; Swedlund Road=1; Touve Road=2; Wee Avenue=6; Webbers Road=1; Willow Street=6
    • Ditched: Bark River Road=2; Beeksma Road=1; Boundary Ave=1; Bratley Road=1; Buckley Road=1; Busche Town Road=5; Campbell Road=1; Clover/Cemetery Road=1; Cranberry Road=1; Deer Yard Road=1; Deswert Road=1; Didier=1; Half Mile Road=1; Hultman Road=1; Kessler Road=2; Kleinhans Road=1; Lenawee Road (FR 262)=2; Loosasagoose Road=1; Makiewicz Road=1; Makowski Road=1; Matthews Road=2; McInerney Road=1; Old Puig Road=1; Old St. Hwy 13=1; Seven Mile Road (FR 433)=1; Spruce Tree Road=1; Swedlund Road=2; Touve Road=1; Wee Road=1; Webbers Road=1
    • Graded: Bark Bay Road=8; Bark Point Road=6; Bark River Road=22; Battle Ax (FR 246)=4; Beeksma Road=1; Bratley Road=1; Buckley Road=5; Busche Town Road=6; Campbell Road=3; Clover/Cemetery Road=7; Cranberry River Road=4; Half-Mile Road=3; Hesse Road=7; Kessler Road=1; Kleinhans Road=3; Lake Avenue=1; Leftys Road=6; Lenawee Road=18; Looseasagoose=1; Matthews Road=5; McInerney Road=1; Nicoletti Road=4; Old Puig Road=1; Old Hwy 13=6; Sand Trap Road (FR 683)=3; Seven Mile Road (FR 433)=5; Shortcut Road=1; Swedlund Road=5; Touve Road=6
    • Graveled: Bark River Road=2; Beeksma Road=1; Boundary Road=1; Lenawee Road (FR 262)=1
    • Mowed: Bark Point Road=9; Bark River Road=3; Beeksma Road=1; Boundary Road (FR 439)=1; Bratley Road=1; Buckley Road=2; Busche Town Road=2; Campbell Road=2; Clover/Cemetery Road=1; Cranberry River Road=2; Deer Yard Road=2; Deswert Road=2; Didier Road=1; Half Mile Road=1; Hesse Road=2; Hultman Road=1; Kessler Road=1; Kleinhans Road=2; Lake Avenue=1; Lenawee Road (FR 262)=9; Loosasagoose Road=2; Makiewicz Road=2; Makowski Road=2; Matthews Road=8; McInerney Road=7; Old Puig Road=2; Old School Road=5; Old St. Hwy 13=1; Seven Mile Road (FR 433)=1; Shortcut Road=1;Spruce Tree Drive=1;  Swedlund Road=2; Touve Road=1; Wee Avenue=1; Webbers Road=1
    • PACER Assessment: Bark River Road=1; Lenawee Road (FR 262)=2; Lenawee Tower Road (FR 424)=1; Sand Trap Road (FR 683)=1; Seven Mile Road (FR 433)=1
    • Pothole Repair:
    • Rebuilt and Fortified:
    • Rehabed: Bark Point Road=2; Busche Town Road=1
    • Removed Rocks:
    • Sign Replacement/installation: Bark Point Road=3, Bark River Road=2, Clover/Cemetery Road=2, Hesse Road=2, Lenawee Road (FR262)=2, Nicoletti Road=2
    • Snow Blowing: Bark Point Road, Busche Town Road, Hesse Road, Lenawee Road, Matthews Road, Touve Road, the intersections of State Highway 13 & Buckley Road, Lenawee Road, Lake Avenue, Hesse Road & Bark Bay Road
    • Snow Plowing: Clearing roadways of snow and providing ice control as needed.  All Town Roads, except Bell/Clover Town Line Road, ½ Mile Road, Gravel Pit Road & Kessler Road.  Town Roads to date=44; Forest Roads (Battle Axe (FR246), Blueberry Rd (FR 692), Boundary Rd (FR 439), Bratley Rd, Sand Trap Rd (FR 683), Seven Mile RD (FR 433)=29 times
    • Spot Gravel: Bark Bay Road=1;Bark Point Road=1; Bark River Road=4; Buckley Road=1; Campbell Road=1;Clover/Cemetery Road=5; Hesse Road=1; Lefty’s Road=2; Loosasagoose Road=1; Matthews Road=1; Nicoletti Road=2; Old Hwy 13=6; Swedlund Road=1
    • Tree Removal: Bark Bay Rd=1; Bark Point Road=2; Bark River Road=1; Boundary Road (FR 439)=1; Buckley Road=1; Lenawee Road (FR 262)=2; Old Hwy 13=3; Sand Trap Road (FR 683)=1; Seven Mile Road=2; Swedlund Road=1
    • Road Patrol: Bark Bay Road=4; Bark Bay Slough Road=4; Bark Point Road=7; Bark Point Landing Road=4; Bark River Road=5, Battle Axe (FR246)=4, Beeksma Road=2, Blueberry Road (FR 692)=2; Boundary Avenue=4; Boundary Road (FR 439)=3, Bratley Road=1; Brinks Road (FR236)=4, Buckley Road=4; Busche Town Road=2, Campbell Road=3, Campground Loop Road #1=1; Campground Loop Road #2=1; Clover/Cemetery Road=3, Cranberry River Road=2, Deer Yard Road=2, Deswert Road=2, Didier Road=2, Dingman Road=4; Gray Road=4; Hesse Road=5; Horseshoe Lake Road (FR 427)=3; Hultman Street=3; Kleinhans Road=4, Lake Avenue=4; Leftys Road=4; Lenawee Road (FR 262)=7; Lenawee Tower Road (FR 424)=3; Loosasagoose=2, Makiewicz Road=2, Makowski Road=2, Matthews Road=2, McInerney Road=2, Nicoletti Road=4; Old Puig Road=2, Old School Road=4; Old St Hwy 13=4; Park Avenue=2, Sand Trap Road (FR683)=5, Seven Mile Road=5, Short  Cut Road=2, Spruce Tree Drive=4; Swedlund Road=3, Touve Road=2, Wee Avenue=4; Webbers Road=2, Willow Street=3
  • Garage & Equipment Maintenance
    • Coordination of Activities Planning: x’s 71
    • Worked on items like logs: x’s 52
    • Maintenance on:
      • Back Hoe: x’s 28
      • Dump Truck 2003: x’s 35
      • Dump Truck 2006: x’s 33
      • Grader: x’s 32
      • Leveler: 8
      • Mower: 75 hrs +1
      • Old Trailer: 4
      • Pickup Truck 2008: 0
      • Shop: x’s 95
      • Snow Blower: x’s 1
      • Steamer: x’s 8
      • Tractor: x’s 17
      • Other: x’s 60
    • Equipment Use:
      • Dump Truck 2003: x’s42
      • Dump Truck 2006: x’s 22
      • Pick Up Truck: x’s 103
      • Back Hoe: x’s 61
      • Grader: x’s 53
      • Snow Blower: x’s 3
      • Tractor: x’s 24
      • Leveler: x’s 7
      • Steamer: x’s 15
    • Bark Point Road Beach Erosion: Phase A is not complete and submission to WIDOT of various expenses is in process.  This should finalized and submitted within a couple of weeks.  We are told that we will be eligible for 75/25 DOT moneys for bring back the road to its previous condition, and up to 50/50 for mitigation to prevent future damage.  These costs are separated out with the request for reimbursement to the DOT.  The Town Labor and Town Equipment has been figured into the Town’s portion of the repair costs as in-kind.  The exact amount that will be received from the DOT will not be determined until after the DOT has received the request for reimbursement from the Town.  The DOT has inspected the work and will review the request for reimbursement ASAF.  Thus far the known funding is available for repair of damage caused to the roadbed and threat to the roadbed along Bark Point Road by the storm of Oct. 25-27 is very specific to undermined or damaged roads.  It does not include any threatened roadbed.  The Coastal Management Grants are not available for Phase B & C of BPR mitigation.  The Engineer for the BPR Project has been approved to seek funding for Parts B & C and is in the process of seeking such funding.  Should a source(s) be found, approval to go forward with such projects would not be done without a Public Hearing on the matter for the Board to receive advice on the matter.  A levy increase of ~$79,900 to cover the Town’s portion of the road fix already in process was passed by the electors at the Special Meeting of Electors held November 24, 2018.  The Town was and is responsible to pay the subcontractors and for outside equipment expense prior to receiving money from DOT, thus the Town received a loan and has paid the bills received thus far for equipment and outside services.
    • Park Avenue from State Highway 13 to the intersection with Frontage Road is not listed as an official roadbed by the DOT. The intersection with State Highway 13 and the 1st curve going north from this intersection are not in compliance with the DOT requirements.  At the present time it is not known when State Highway 13 is scheduled for repaving in the area of Park Avenue.  Ordinance #20190625-1, Reinstating Park Avenue from Frontage Road to State Highway 13 as a Town Road approved by the Board and the Engineer has sent it to the appropriate party at DOT.  The Town has received word that the Ordinance is accepted and DOT has requested preliminary plans for this portion of Park Avenue.  Steele has approved another $500 for the engineer to prepare and submit the preliminary plans to DOT.  We have not yet heard back from the DOT regarding the preliminary plans.  Measurements and cost estimates for bring this intersection with State Highway 13 into compliance with DOT requirements may be needed.  We were told by DOT that, unless this intersection meets DOT specs by the next paving of State Highway 13, this intersection will be closed.  Repaving this portion of Hwy 13 is not yet on the DOT calendar.  This issue will need to be settled and if indicated corrected prior to the date repaving of State Highway 13 is scheduled on the DOT calendar.  Once it is known what is needed to bring this intersection up to specs, the Board will need to decide how to gain the estimated the cost of such upgrade.  The upgrade will be needed prior to the DOT resurfacing this section of State Hwy 13.
    • Horseshoe culvert on Bark Bay Road and North most Campbell Road Culvert in the Cranberry River: The Town has been notified that the State of Wisconsin has designated a one-time $29 million program that will only require a 10% match, thus a 90/10 grant.  The most we have seen in the past is an 80/20 match.  Steele notified Cooper Engineering to seek funding from this pot of money for culverts in Horseshoe Creek under Bark Bay Road as well as a longer Culvert to replace the one under Campbell Road at the northern most big dip.  The Bark Bay Road culvert is a “skeleton on the bottom” and radiates out ripples in both directions when the dump truck, even empty, traverses it.  The Campbell Road Culvert is too narrow presenting a hazard to the snowplow driver in the winter.  It is also too high for the fish to traverse to get to their spawning grounds.  The process for seeking funding has been determined and a webnar will educate grant seekers regarding the porcess.  Steele has shared this information Dan Mortinson, Engineer from Cooper Engineering.  Dan is familiar with both of these culverts.  He developed a competitive proposal for the Horseshoe Creek, Bark Bay Road Culvert with the Nicoletti Culvert, but the DNR notified FEMA that they could not fund this culvert because of the special designation of the surrounding grounds, thus it was removed from the FEMA Grant.  It is believed that this portion of the FEMA grant will provide a good basis for preparing the Grant for the State of Wisconsin.

Boat Parking:

  • Three (3) additional sections of walkway to the boat landing have been completed and were installed. Someone has offered to donate the entire cost of this addition but that person would not object to others being involved in the donation.  The lake level is so high, that some of the sections were removed, redesigned and reinstalled.  The redesign is working thus far.  The remaining sections are now removed and in the process of redesign.


  • The playhouse including the roof has been repaired. A big thank you to Jim and his friend who performed this repair.

 Transfer Station:

  • The Transfer Station is at the garage location. We are on summer hours, so it is open  Saturday mornings from 9:00am to 1:00pm and Wednesdays from 5:00pm to 7:00pm through September.  Beginning October 1 we will be in Winter hours (Saturdays only from 9:00am to 1:00pm.
  • What can and cannot be accepted at the Transfer Station:
    • Metal: NOTE:  Please place only metal items in the metal dumpster or metal recycling designated location.  The Town employees should not need to sort the material in these dumpsters to be sure that they are metal.  No electronics or appliances please.  If in doubt talk to either Glenn, Dan “Slappy”, Rocky, or one of the crew before dumping into the metal dumpster.
    • Small Batteries are accepted at the Town’s Transfer Station
    • Electronic, cathode ray tube and florescent bulb waste CANNOT be accepted at the Town of Clover Transfer station but the Town has a cooperative agreement with the Town of Bell (Cornucopia) Transfer Station to accept our waste at the same fee as their residents pay.
    • Corrugated cardboard waste CAN be accepted at our Transfer Station, but the Town of Bell Transfer station has a cardboard bailer and accepts this waste free of charge without breaking down the boxes. They make money off this waste.  Wet corrugated cardboard is not accepted to be bailed and sold.  It needs to go into our recycling bin.
    • All Paper—including white and slick is no longer being recycled for the South Shore School fund raiser band trips. It is to be placed in the Transfer Station Recycle Dumpster.
    • Aluminum cans are recycled separately for the playground


  • 4x4s are present and awaiting installation at the corners of each section of the new portion of the Cemetery. This will be accomplished soon.  Caps for these corner markers are present and need to be engraved with the various blocks prior to instillation on top of the 4x4s.
  • To purchase a lot(s) in the Cemetery, please call either Tim Nicoletti, Sextant at the Garage (715-774-3882) or Tracy Pope, Clerk (715-774-3870). All maps including blocks of lots are now available for your selection.  Please contact the Garage if you wish to select a lot(s).
  • In reviewing the map, with names grave markers in the old section of the cemetery discrepancies were found between the log book, the map and the markers. We are checking the documents against the markers to bring all into agreement.
  • Old Cemetery Reconciliation
    • Rebak and Steele took the original map, one redone in the 80’s and the official record book up to the cemetery and reviewed each and every headstone, lot and block. We now have a fairly good account of all unmarked graves, where trees and or their roots are intruding preventing full use of the blocks involved and which blocks are full or can only receive cremains.  Steele and Nicoletti are completing a final inspection of these records with measuring devices prior to final reconciliation.  They are about ½ way through the process.  Once this is done, wooden crosses will be ordered for the unmarked graves.  A person has generously volunteered to make the crosses.  Future recommendations regarding planting trees may be forthcoming.


  • Continuing notices:
    • PLEASE change shoes from outdoor shoes to indoor shoes (gym shoes) to preserve the finish on the floor. Refinishing the floor is expensive and there is no need to refinish it because folk do not use the proper shoes when using the gym.
    • Please Replace Equipment after use. There is no one employed to pick up after equipment has been used in the gym.  There is a rack for storing the larger balls and there is a cabinet for storing smaller items including ping pong and pickle ball equipment, children’s toys, and table games.  This is your gym, respect it by putting things away after use.
    • Assure that all faucets are turned off prior to leaving the gym.
    • The White Tables are not play things and thus should not have any activity like banging occurring on their surfaces. Already 1 table has permanent divots in it’s surface.  These tables are to be used for meetings and other activities like funerals, weddings, and the like.
    • When restacking the tables please stack the tables directly on top of each other with the grooves around the edges matching, else the legs of the tables create dents in the table tops.
    • Piano Use: The piano is not a plaything.  It was donated for use at functions such as funerals, and thus needs to be maintained intact.  It is OK for a piano student to practice ongoing lessons, but no random playing or banging.
      • One time the cover to the keyboard was found displaced from its useful location and required money to repair it.
      • Following that the music holder was found in multiple pieces and is currently out for repair. The repairs are extensive.  We are not yet sure what this expense will be.
    • Late Fall of 2018 the HCC and the Town together hired a Log Building Contractor to rehab the south face of the gym. That work is in process on the south face.  Weather interfered with completion of the south face.  The contractor has been authorized to complete the North Face of the gym also.  It is anticipated that this work will be complete by the return of bad weather in the fall of 2019.  A big thanks to Dale Fuller for spearheading this project.  The Board did include another $6,000 for repair of the outside of the Gym in the 2019 budget.  It is anticipated that these funds along with the funds available from the HCC will cover the repair of the North side of the Gym in 2019.  We are told that the contractor for this project will be here in September of 2019.
    • Grants:
      • Bayfield County forestry and Parks Dept. awarded the Town of Clover $4,500 for 2019 Town Road Improvement Aids. This grant is for improvements to Campbell Road.  The Town will donate manpower and equipment as in-kind contributions to this grant.  Congratulations to the Town Crew for their successful proposal.  A total of $80,000 was awarded to the 14 Towns of Bayfield County.  This project is now complete, so the grant funds are being sought.
      • The Town in coordination with the Town of Bell has received a grant from the National Forest for removing stumps from of the Forest Roads. This work will be completed starting August of 2019.
    • Bark Bay Slough: The dock has been reinstalled for the summer.  There was damage to the approach to the dock, likely by vandals, and this has been remedied by the Town Crew so that the dock is again functional.
      • Taskforce: Issues related to unpermitted transient merchants have again cropped up late this season.  Steele is in the process of discovering the offender and issuing a citation.  Issues of congestion are resolved after the Ordinance regulating Transient Merchants was approved and implemented.  The non-permitted transient merchant is somewhat stealthy, arriving and getting the groups off quickly then removing any transport vehicles (unmarked) and returning for about 15 minutes in the afternoon to pick up the equipment.  The parking situation will continue to be monitored and if an Ordinance is needed regarding parking itself, it will be proposed to a future Board Meeting.


NOTE #1:  After studying the problem of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Prevention for Cervids (deer), Bayfield County recommended a multipronged program to address this issue:

  • The County will play a role in educating the citizens and visitors of Bayfield County on steps that can be taken to prevent the spread of CWD in the county including hiring a short-term person(s) to develop and implement the educational program
  • The county will take steps to enable testing and proper disposal of deer harvested in Bayfield County. The Wisconsin DNR has an “Adopt-a-Dumpster” program for the collection of deer carcasses.  The DNR does not pay for the cost of the associated dumpsters.  Bayfield County is requesting municipalities consider contributing $150 to facilitate the placement of several collection dumpsters throughout the county this Fall during hunting season.
  • The County is requesting that the $150 be contributed on an annual basis, thus to be included in the 2020 budget also.
  • The study committee recommends that Bayfield County adopt regulations to require enhanced fencing on captive cervid operations and to require additional steps be taken to ensure live cervids imported into the county are free of CWD. The County is in the process of developing such ordinances
  • Bayfield County should be encouraging the state legislature and state agencies to implement a more robust research program to develop better management tools for CWD.
  • The Town of Bell adopted the $150 dumpster fee annually to Bayfield County for the proposed deer carcass dumpsters
  • The Town of Port Wing had this agenda item on their agenda 9/5/19. Steele will discuss with Marge Ogren, Clerk their decision at supper 9/10/19 and report the findings orally to the Board.