Notice of Voting Equipment Public Test, February 13, 2023

Town of Clover

P.O Box 94 · Herbster · WI ·54844 · Phone: 715-774-3780 · Fax: 715-774-3792  ·





Is here by given that the public test of voting equipment to be used at the Primary election on February 21st 2023 will conducted on February 13 at 5:00pm.  This public test is open to the general public.

Chapter 5 Section 5.84 of Wisconsin statues.

For additional information contact the town clerk’s office at

86870 Lenawee Rd. Phone 715-774-3780.



Posted this 9th day of February on the web, the town hall (Gym) and the post office.


Tracy Gillespey

Town of Clover Clerk