2021 Emergency Operations Plan for the Town of Clover

2021 Emergency Operations Plan for the Town of Clover

Bayfield County, Wisc

Supplement to the Bayfield County Emergency Operations Plan

(Template made available through Wisconsin Emergency Management)



  1. This municipal plan has been developed to provide procedures for the Town of Clover to respond to various types of large-scale emergencies or disasters that affect the community.
  2. This plan is being developed to assure NIMS integration into local prevention, planning, response and recovery efforts.
  3. This plan supplements the Bayfield County Emergency Operations Plan.


Situations & Assumptions

  • Several types of hazards pose a threat to the lives, property or environment in Bayfield County. These hazards are outlined in the County Hazard Analysis.  A copy of the Hazard Analysis is located in the County Emergency Management Office.



  • EOC – Emergency Operations Center
  • EOP – Emergency Operations Plan
  • ICS – Incident Command System
  • NIMS – National Incident Management System
  • UDSR – Uniform Disaster Situation Report
  • WEM – Wisconsin Emergency Management


Concept of Operations

Town Officials

  1. Town officials have primary responsibility for disasters that take place in their town.

Suggested actions include:

a.  Notify town chairperson (or board member charged with Chairperson’s duties if the Chairperson is not available) and advise of event/situation.

b. Establish contact with other town officials as appropriate.

c. Establish a location (emergency operations center) where local government administration will be represented and accessible for information and decisions that relate to the overall response.

d. Assure that the Incident Command System (ICS) is in use in order to provide a flexible but consistent structure to organize response.

e. Develop documentation and expense records tracking for quick damage assessment if a federal disaster assessment is requested and/or state disaster assistance is requested.

f. Establish communications by telephone in order to respond to requests for information from county or state officials as well as the media.

g. Compile information on the size and impact of the event.

h. Chairperson, or designee, declare a state of emergency as necessary, and notify county emergency management of this action, forwarding a copy as requested.

i. Notify the public of the situation and appropriate actions to be taken.

j. Keep county officials informed of the situation and actions taken.

  1. Emergency service agencies respond and establish incident command according to the standard procedures.
  2. Municipal officials provide support to the response coordinating resources as needed.
  3. If municipal resources become exhausted or if special resources are required, request county assistance through the County emergency Management Coordinator.
  4. A command post or emergency operations center will be established.


The Herbster Volunteer Fire Department Hall

Telephone number:  715-774-3804

Telephone number:  715-774-3781

Fax number:  715-774-3804


County Emergency Management

  1.  County Emergency Management works to support local government efforts to respond to the incident. Actions may include, but are not limited to:

a. Activate the county EOC as appropriate.

b. Implement the County Emergency Operations Plan.

c. Assist local governments in locating resources.

d. Coordinate county resources with other jurisdictional resources.

e. Notify WEM Regional Director of the situation.

f. Develop Uniform Disaster Situation Report (UDSR) based on information available through local officials and forward to WEM.

g. Assist local governments with prioritizing and allocating resources.

h. Assist local governments in procuring resources from the state.

2. If municipal and county resources are exhausted, county emergency management may request state assistance through Wisconsin Emergency Management.


Wisconsin Emergency Management

  1. If state assistance is requested, the WEM Administrator in conjunction with the Regional Director and County Emergency Management Coordinator, assess the disaster or emergency situation and recommend that personnel, services and equipment be made available for response, mitigation or recovery.
  2. After completing the assessment, the WEM Regional Director immediately notifies the WEM Administrator.
  3. The WEM Administrator notifies the Governor and makes recommendations.
  4. If state assistance is granted, procedures will be followed as stated in the Wisconsin EOP and the County EOP.


  • See Emergency Operations Center Alerting List.
  • This list also serves as the line of succession.


Resource Management

 See Appendix A.


Plan Development and Maintenance:

  • The plan is maintained by the Town of Clover Chairperson or designee.


Municipal Emergency Operations Plan for Town of Clover

Dale Fuller

Town Board Chairperson


Tracy Gillespey

Town Clerk


Other issues that may need to be addressed:


Mutual Aid Reciprocal Agreements:

Fire Mutual Aid Agreement

Ambulance Mutual Aid Agreement

County Mutual Aid Agreement


Support From Private Agencies/Volunteer Groups:


Support from State and Federal Agencies:

Information and assistance in securing state or federal support may be obtained by contacting the County Emergency Management Director.  Requests for National Guard assistance should be channeled through the County Emergency Management Director to the WEM Regional director to the WEM Administrator.



Appendix A


Name of Municipality:  Town of Clover, Bayfield County

List Municipal Supervisors in a line of Succession for the purpose of overseeing equipment for use during an emergency in a neighboring municipality:


Name: Dale Fuller

Phone:  715-813-9470


Name: Patti Stemwedel

Phone:  715-774-3171 or 715-817-2071


Name: Jack Smith

Phone:  715-774-3976


Name: Sheryl Isaksson

Phone:  715-774-3842 or 218-349-7675


Name: Beverly Steele

Phone:  715-774-3575


List operators of equipment who can be contacted.  (Operators of equipment can be contacted and will notify the appropriate municipal supervisor of the request for equipment.):


Name: Tim Nicoletti  715-774-3113 or 715-413-0124

Garage:           715-774-3882


Name: Chris Martins  715-774-3994 or 715-209-2449

Garage:           715-774-3882


Sample list of equipment that may be available from the municipality:  (This inventory will need to incorporate NIMS resource management descriptions to include category, kind, components, metrics and type.)

HI Dump Truck – plow and sander

HI Dump Truck – plow and sander

John Deere Grader – plow and wing

New Holland Tractor TS100

8 ft Snow Blower

Road Maintainer (Leveler)

John Deere Back Hoe 310

Chevrolet Pickup Truck 310 (1 ton) 4 wheel drive



Road Maintainer (Leveler)

32 ft Tender with water and foam capability


Brush Truck

Braun Ambulance




Emergency Telephone Listings




Bayfield County Sheriff                                 9-1-1

Non-emergency                                               715-373-6133

Communications Center                                715-373-6120




Herbster Volunteer Fire Department            9-1-1

Fire Hall                                                               715-774-3804

Fire Chief, Frank (Guy) McGuire                   715-562-0394




South Shore Area Ambulance                       9-1-1

Ambulance Hall                                              715-774-3804



Town Chairperson                                  715-813-9470 (Cell)

Dale Fuller                                                       715-774-3780 (Office)



Town Hall                                                        715-774-3780



Wisconsin Emergency Management         1-800-943-0003 (Duty Officer)



County Emergency Management                             715-373-6113 (Director)

715-373-6120 (Request Page thru Communications Center)



Electric Utility

Excel Energy                                                    800-895-1999

Bayfield Electric Co-Operative                    715-372-4287

After hours                                                       715-372-4047



Telephone Utility

Norvado                                                            1-715-798-3000 (Technicians check periodically after hours and weekends)



American Red Cross

Chippewa Valley                                             1-800-261-4182 (Answering service 24/7)



Salvation Army

Duluth, Minnesota                                          1-218-722-7934