TOC Special Board Meeting Minutes, August 16, 2023

Town of Clover – Meeting Minutes
Special Board Meeting
August 16, 2023 at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall (Historic Gymnasium) meeting room.

Call to order: 7:09 pm
Roll Call: Steele, Pope, Felt, Smith, Rebak, Morelli, Mintzlaff, Absent Gillespey, Also present, Lois Palmer, Louis Morelli, Mershawn Pikus, Roger Pikus, Mark Filonowich, Chris Lehnert, Peter Berton
Discussion/Action: related to:
Ordinance #20230816, Ordinance to Adopt Town of Clover Comprehensive Plan 2023-2043.
Motion: by Pope/sRebak to adopt Ordinance #20230816 carried unanimous
HVFD Bylaws from either August 9, 2009 or the Original ones (January 14, 1993)
Motion: by Pope/sFelt to adopt Resolution #20230816-1 History and organization of the HVFD carried unanimous

– Adjourn 7:23 p.m. by consensus

Minutes prepared by the Town Clerk
Minutes are unofficial until approved by the Town of Clover Board.