TOC Plan Commission Minutes, August 1, 2023


Town of Clover Plan Commission

August 1, 2023 7 pm

Historic Gym


Call to Order:    7 pm

Roll Call:  Pete Berton, Beverly Steele, Chris Lehnert, vice-chair, Keith Koenning, chair; James Stemwedel, absent.

Audience Attendance:  Lois Palmer

Approval of Minutes:  June 27 Minutes approved by consensus.



  •  Town Public Hearing on the 2023-2043 Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map set for August 16 at 7 pm at the Gym. Vice-chair Chris Lehnert will attend as the official TPC representative.
  • Frank and Brenda Draft rezoning petition (May 2 TPC Meeting) denied (13-0 vote) on June 27 by the County Board of Supervisors.
  • Bayfield County is proceeding with a Request for Proposals (RFP) for professional services for the comprehensive review and update of the zoning code with a target date of June 2025. This may provide an opportunity to align zoning with the 2023-2043 Future Land Use Map.


New Business:


  1. Class A Special Use Permit for one short-term rental in R-RB at 89165 Bark Point Rd by Scott and Christina McLewin.

Consensus recommendation to the Town Board:  This permit is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan’s support of recreational housing and tourism.  Conditions:  1)  This permit is not transferable if the property is sold.  2)  Prior to advertising and rental, the property owner must have a Wisconsin Tourist Rooming House License issued by the Bayfield County Health Department, and a Town of Clover initial short-term rental license.


  1. Class A Special Use Permit for grading more than 200 square feet within 1,000 feet of Lake Superior for a driveway and turnaround at 89045 Bark Point Rd by Joshua and Christa Watson.

Consensus recommendation to the Town Board:  Goal 1 of the Comprehensive Plan supports housing.  The driveway and turnaround must comply with the Town of Clover Driveway Ordinance.


Adjournment:  7:20 pm


Minutes prepared on August 2, 2023 by the Plan Commission Chair, Keith Koenning, and questions may be directed to him at or 715-774-3475.


Minutes are posted on the Town’s website,