TOC Minutes, April 14, 2021

     Town of Clover – Minutes

Regular Board Meeting

April 14, 2021 7:00 pm



Called to order at 7:00 PM

Roll Call: Present:  Steele, Gillespey,  Rebak, Stemwedel, Smith, Morelli  Absent Isaksson, Also present Lois Palmer, Kristle Majchrzak, Dale Fuller, Shirley Nelson, Jose Carrillo, Jennifer Schierman, Cindy Lazorik, James Stemwedel, Ryan Frostman, Jasan Carpenter, Patty Carpenter, Dustin Moriarty, Dana Churness, Bill Rout, James Low, Jane Hennessy, John Mahoney, Karin Kozie, Robin Mahoney, Mark Filonowich, Joe Csomos, Joe Batres, Sally Lacy, Neil McCullen, Frank McGuire Rebecca Pelton, Amanda Berby.

Public Comments: 11 persons spoke


Minutes of March 10 Regular board meeting.


Treasurer’s Report for March.

Expenditures: Motion by Steele/sStemwedel to approve Batch T-04 Carried Unanimous.


  • Elections: Congratulations to Dale Fuller on his election to Chairperson for the Town of Clover and to Beverly Steele and Patti Stemwedel for their elections to Supervisor.
  • Annual Meeting: Tuesday April 20, 2021 at 7:00pm in the Historic Gymnasium
  • Transfer Station: Winter hours are in effect (Saturdays, 9:00am to 1:00pm) through May 1, then back to Summer hours (Saturdays only, 9:00am to 1:00pm and Wednesdays, 5:00pm to 7:00pm).  TC COVID rules remain in effect, see the Town of Clover web site for specifics.
  • Gentle Reopening of the Historic Gymnasium is in process. Call Tracy for “Requirements for proposed protocols for gentle reopening…”.  Both Tracy and the Chairperson can review and approve proposals from submitting parties.

Announcements: (Please see Announcements below the agenda for further Announcements)

  • Gym lot: The Gym parking lot is the preferred helicopter landing site.  If parking your car and leaving the Gym area, please park your car on Wee Avenue.

Reports: (Please see: Announcements, Reports & Notes)

Town Planning Commission – Minutes of April 6th 2021 in packet with recommendations.

  • Fire Department: Rebak report. 3 Calls.
  • Ambulance: Stemwedel report. 8 calls.
  • Campground: Host is scheduled for end of June. Water test to be done early next month
  • Playground: Closed at this time. Door to play house being painted, covered needs to be looked at not repairable.
  • Roads: Steele referred to the written report in the meeting packet.
  • Boat Parking: Isaksson see notes. Asking for donations, and work to being on walkway, organizing dredging.
  • Transfer Station: Steele.  See notes
  • Cemetery: Rebak   Kiosk material is here waiting for construction.
  • Gym. Steele. Soft opening
  • Bark Bay Slough Task Force: See notes all information received and permits sent.



  • BUSINESS: Government:
    • General Government:
  • Public Works—Roads: Discussion/Likely Action related to Opening Gravel Bids—Steele (see packets for “cheat” sheet)
  • Motion: STemwedel/sRebak to accept gravel bid from South Shore Sand and Gravel/ Trusty Trucking for 2021 season. Carried Unanimous.
  • General Government: Discussion/Likely Action related to:
  • Motion: by Steele/sStemwedel to reappoint Koenning and Lehnert to TPC for 3year terms. Carried Unanimous.
    • Reappointment to TPC of:
      • Keith Koenning
      • Chris Lehnert


  • Recommendations to the County Zoning Committee:
    • Class A Special Use Permit, Singler (see packets)
    • Motion: by Steele/sSmith to approve Class A for Charles Singler. Carried Unanimous
    • Class A Special Use Permit, David & Laura Kramer (see packets)
    • Motion: by Steele/sRebak to approve Class A for David and Laura Kramer. Carried Unanimous
    • Conditional Use Permit request, K. Majchrzak/R. Glau (see packets)
    • Motion: by Steele/sRebak to recommend to Bayfield County Zoning to disapprove Conditional Use for Kristle Majchrzak/R. Glau. Carried Unanimous.
  • Ordinance #20210414-1, Prohibiting Motor Vehicles upon Beaches within the Township of Clover (amending Ordinance #19880309)
  • Motion: by Stemwedel/sRebak to adopt Ordinance 20210414-1 with a citation of 250.90 for the violation of ordinance. Carried Unanimous.
  • Resolutions #20210414-A to J, 2020 Budget Reconciliations (see packets)
  • Motion: by Steele/sStemwedel to adopt resolution 20210414-A Carried Unanimous
  • Motion: by Steele/sStemwedel to adopt resolution 20210414-B Carried Unanimous
  • Motion: by Steele/sStemwedel to adopt resolution 20210414-C Carried Unanimous
  • Transient Merchant Permit Requests:
    • Trek & Trail
    • Motion: by Steele/sStemwedel to approve permit for Trek& Trail. Carried Unanimous
    • Lost Creek Adventures
    • Motion: by Steele/sStemwedel to approve permit for Lost Creek Adventures Carried Unanimous.
    • Wilderness Inquiry
    • Motion: by Steele/sStemwedel to approve permit for Wilderness Inquiry Carried Unanimous.
  • Request for Reimbursement to the HCC of designated funds donated to the Town of Clover in 1987 and 1989 for construction of the Town Park pavilion and reportedly not used for that purpose—Attorney Lindsey Response (see Packets) Time has run out on this matter statute of limitations.
  • Electricity: Discussion/Perhaps Action related to Xcel Energy Renewable Connect—Steele (see packets) No Action
  • Public Safety:
    • Discussion for Revision of the Emergency Operations plan, updating persons in the call schedule and their contact information (April 2021) (see packet) Emergency Service plan was updated with new board members, and fire chief.
    • Discussion/Perhaps Action related to SSAA charging for calls resulting in non-transport of patient (see packet) No Action.


  • Future Agenda Items:

Motion to Adjourn By Consensus: 8:08pm

Minutes prepared by the Town Clerk

Minutes are unofficial until approved by the Town of Clover Board.