Ordinance #202010414-1 Prohibiting Motor Vehicles upon Beaches within TOC

Town of Clover

Ordinance #20210414-1, Prohibiting Motor Vehicles upon Beaches within the Township of Clover (amending Ordinance #19880309)


WHEREAS, the Town of Clover has one park and three boat landings owned or maintained by the Town and has extensive Lake Superior beach frontage.

WHEREAS, it is in the best interest of public safety, protection of the public property, and protection of the environment to restrict the use of said beaches from motorized vehicle traffic,

WHEREAS, the Town has adopted Ordinance #19880309 to restrict such beach access by motorized vehicles on beaches. The purpose of this ordinance is to amend and clarify the restrictions of said Ordinance #19880309 to be consistent with current Wisconsin Statutes.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Town Board of Supervisors of the Town of Clover, Bayfield County, does ordain as follows:


SECTION 1- DEFINITIONS. For purposes of this ordinance, the following definitions are adopted:

“Motor Vehicle” means a vehicle that is self-propelled, whether by electric power, gasoline, or other fuel. The definition of Motor Vehicle includes, but is not limited to, the following: utility terrain vehicle as defined in Wis. Stats. § 23.33(1)(ng); an all-terrain vehicle, as defined in Wis. Stats. § 340.01(2g); an off-highway motorcycle, as defined in Wis. Stats. § 23.335(1)(q).

“Exposed Shore Area” means the area of the bed of a navigable body of water that is between the ordinary high-water mark and the water’s edge, including but not limited to beaches on the shoreline of Lake Superior.


SECTION 2- PROHIBIT MOTOR VEHICLES ON BEACHES.  No person may enter or drive a Motor Vehicle upon any Exposed Shore Area where the adjoining, upland property is owned by the Town of Clover, except vehicles loading or unloading boats or ice fishing shacks and only at authorized and designated boat landings, or as otherwise expressly permitted pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 30.29.


SECTION 3- PENATLY. This ordinance shall be enforced pursuant to the procedure and authority described in Town of Clover Ordinance 20170712-3. Any person violating this Ordinance shall be fined $25.00 per each offense, plus costs and disbursements.


SECTION 4-EFFECTIVE DATE. The foregoing Ordinance shall be deemed to be in force from and after its passage, approval, posting, publication and recording according to law.


Adopted this 14th day of April 2021

Beverly M. Steele, Chairperson               Sheryl Isaksson, Supervisor

Barb Rebak, Supervisor                            Jack Smith, Supervisor

Patti Stemwedel, Supervisor


Attested this 14th day of April 2021 by:

Tracy Gillespey, Clerk


Ordinance #20210414-1 Amendment to Ordinance 19880309 Prohibiting Motorized Vehicles on the Beach

Created:  4/14/2021