2022 Bark Bay Landing Annual Parking Permit


Cost is $40.00 for the year–January 1 through December 31


  • You may purchase your parking pass here (a convenience fee has been added). Print this receipt and leave it on the dash of your car. Annual passes will be mailed to you. If you prefer, print this and mail it to the Treasurer with your check for $40.00 to: Iva Morelli, Treasurer, Town of Clover, 87310 Old School Road,, Herbster, WI 54844.
  • $ 0


  1. You can pay online (a convenience fee has been added), OR
  2. You can submit this form to the Treasurer and then drop off or mail your check, OR
  3. You can print this form and return it by mail or drop it off in the slotted door at the town office located at the Herbster Gym with your check for $40.00 to:

Town of Clover

Iva Morelli, Town Treasurer

87310 Old School Road

Herbster, WI 54844


Your permit will be returned to you via USPS mail. Use this application as your receipt in the front window of your vehicle until you receive your permit.

Thank you for supporting the Bark Bay Landing Parking Lot. Fees are used to maintain the parking lot and sanitary facility.