TOC Comprehensive Plan Presentation Event Summary

Town of Clover

2023-2043 Comprehensive Plan

Presentation Event




Duration and Location:  3 pm to 7 pm, Historic Gym.


Attendance:  23 community members, ten Plan Committee and Town Plan Commission members, and Megan Mader of NWRPC.


This public session was announced on the, by postings at the Gym and Post Office, by e-mail to the Town’s e-mail list, and to the Plan Committee’s e-mail list generated by the survey.


The twenty-page Part One was enlarged on 3’ x 4’ poster paper and displayed on the Gym walls.  Paper copies of Part One and Part Two were also available.  Attendees were encouraged to ask questions of Plan Committee members and to place comments with post it notes onto the page to which the comments applied.  29 post it comments were received.


The written comments were provided to the Plan Committee work groups to consider and to make appropriate revisions in the Part One document.


Summary prepared by Keith Koenning on June 10, 2023