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Ordinance #19770203, Assigning Industrial and Commercial Lots

Town of Clover

 Ordinance #19770203, Assigning Industrial and Commercial Lots


               WHEREAS, the Town of Clover, a Wisconsin Municipality has caused certain lands in the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (NW1/4-NW1/4), Section Nine (9), Township Fifty (50) North, Range Seven (7) West, to be platted into lots, and

WHEREAS, it is the intention of the said Township to have such lots used for industrial and commercial purposes;

NOW THEREFORE, the Town of Clover does hereby adopt the following covenants to run with the aforesaid lots:

  1. Each purchaser of land shall submit to the Town Board plans for structures to be erected upon purchased property. The Town Board may approve or disapprove of such plans. In the event of disapproval, owner may either modify such plan, or reconvey the land to the Township, being refunded his purchase money.
  2. All changes in use, following development, shall be subject to approval of the Town Board.
  3. In order to accomplish the desired result, development by a purchaser shall be within 12 months of purchase. In the event development is not accomplished within such period, the interest of the purchaser shall be terminated.


Dated this 3rd day of February, 1977.


William Celinsky, Town Chairman

Opie Beeksma, Supervisor

Charles B. Roberts, Supervisor