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Welcome to the Town of Clover The Town of Clover was formed in 1906 by ordinance of Bayfield County . It comprises over 60 square miles on the south shore of Lake Superior of located between Port Wing on the West and Cornucopia on the East. Other unincorporated entities existed within the geographic area of the Town of Clover in the past. The area we now call Herbster was once called Orchard City . Many years ago a small Finnish community, including a school, flourished on Bark Point, a 5 mile long peninsula.

Herbster is a hamlet located on State Highway 13. This unincorporated municipal entity within the borders of the Town of Clover is a focus of community activity. Being unincorporated, Herbster has no statutory recognition as a governmental unit. A post office with a 54844 zip code is our main claim to geographic reality. Of course, highway maps identify Herbster on State Highway 13.

The Town of Clover, by contrast, does not appear on most maps. The Town of Clover serves the needs of our resident population and non-resident land owners by providing emergency fire and ambulance services, road maintenance, cemetery, recreation facilities, and administrative support.

If you would like to be informed about Town of Clover meetings and agendas, send an email to us at Clerk, Town of Clover, or simply check the downloads section of the website. All documents pertaining to Town of Clover business may be obtained by contacting the Town Clerk, by email or phone (715-774-3780).

Town government includes the famous Wisconsin Town Meeting and an elected Board of Supervisors. The Town of Clover Board has completed Comprehensive "Smart Growth" Planning through formation of a Planning Commission consisting of 5 members of our community. The Planning Commission succeeds a Land Use Planning Committee that was formed in 1999 and continued until October 2002.

A PDF version of the completed Comprehensive plan for the Town of Clover may be obtained by visiting the Bayfield County web site. This is a very large 18MB file. For a CD version please contact the Town of Clover Clerk or the Herbster Business Association. Check our downloads section for a summary pdf version. Town documents are available for download.

Town of Clover Office Holders:
Bev Steele, Chairperson
(Elected 04/02/2013)

Merv Shaffer, Supervisor

Tracy Pope, Clerk

Patti Stemwedel, Supervisor
(Elected 04/02/2013)

Jack Smith, Supervisor
Cynthia Hepner, Treasurer
Barbara Rebak, Supervisor
(Elected: 04/02/13)
Inspector Rob Agency LLC, Building Inspector
Robert Leitha

Phone # 218-393-6482
Email inspectorrob@hotmail.com

North Wisconsin Assessment Service, Assessor

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